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Community Seeks Football Field Improvements

By Staff | Nov 28, 2018

The Tyler County Board of Education held its regularly scheduled meeting at 7 p.m. on Nov. 19 at the board office in Middlebourne.

Board President Linda Hoover presided over the meeting with all board members in attendance. Superintendent Robin Daquilante was also present.

The board unanimously approved the minutes of the Nov. 8 regular meeting, made on a motion by PJ Wells and seconded by Larry Thomas.

Shawnray Huffman spoke to the board on behalf of a community group about the need to make updates to the football field at Tyler Consolidated.

Huffman appeared as a spokesman for a delegation present at the meeting. He addressed Board President Hoover, Superintendent Daquilante and the fellow members of the Tyler County Board of Education.

He introduced himself and said he was a lifelong resident of Tyler County and a proud graduate of TCHS, along with his wife. The Huffmans have two children who attend Tyler County Schools.

Huffman’s concern, along with other citizens of Tyler County, is with the poor condition of the Silver Knights Stadium Field. He said those in attendance with him represent citizens from the county who support their football team, band, soccer team, pee wee football, and the school and county in general.

Huffman said they are concerned over the condition of the existing surface of the football field at Knights Stadium. He mentioned the stadium field as being a focal point of the community that should carry a sense of pride for each member of the community.

He noted the Tyler Consolidated School Complex was completed in 1993 and provided wonderful new facilities for the youth of the county. He said it is still a beautiful facility, but unfortunately, the stadium surface has always been a problem and has recently gotten even worse.

“It’s to the point where the field is almost unusable to have a competitive competition of any kind, and that presents several problems for our county youth,” Huffman said.

According to Huffman, the field conditions in recent weeks have have been in such poor conditions that the Knights Band has been unable to perform its halftime show at the football games. He said the field was so bad, it was even difficult to practice on.

He noted most in the room had witnessed the conditions during the last two weeks when the football team had home games.

“The field was covered in mud and was so slick, athletes could not perform to their full potential. Also, these conditions increase the risk of injury,” added Huffman.

He told the board there is a solution to the problem, and that would be to install a new turf surface. He cited several other schools in the area which have recently converted to turf. He gave the board several reasons why a new surface would be beneficial to Tyler County Schools.

Huffman gave the board several suggestions as to how it could get accomplished, including establishing a committee to establish a plan and move it forward. He said he believes there are resources within the county to make it happen, including oil and gas donations.

A concern is that Tyler Consolidated would wait and be one of the last schools to install turf for the youth to be proud of, and compete on.

Huffman thanked the board for its time and patience in listening to the issue and told them the group would be looking forward to hearing from them, so they could determine the next step in the right direction.

In other business, Superintendent Daquilante reminded the board of the dates for the county board retreat and the regional meeting. She also reported on the last construction meeting and the progress of the HVAC project.

Daquilante also discussed the proper rules for abstaining and recusing from board votes. She also noted that Senator Capito recently visited Sistersville Elementary School and did a presentation with girls on her “Girls Rise Up” campaign.

The board also approved unanimously some financial moves – declaring surplus property, mineral interest in the Wick area and some budget revision requests. A motion was also made and approved for payment of bills.

Policies unanimously approved by the board included: GAS Reserve Employment of Professional Personnel; IB Education Goals; IT High School Semester Exams; and IV Textbook Adoption.

The board also approved the Tyler County Middle School Wrestling schedule for 2018-19.

Trip Requests Approved:

  • Scott Wall was given permission for the AIB students to attend the TCHS Choir and Band Christmas performance on Dec. 17, with Bus transportation provided.
  • Erica Shriver was approved to take SES PK students to the Grand Central Mall in Vienna, W.Va. on Dec. 13 with a Snow Date of Dec. 17. She was approved for Sarah Tallman, Jennifer Morris, Jennifer Negie, Valerie Starkey, Mariah Ennis and Cindy Hilvers to go as chaperones. Bus transportation is to be provided.

The board approved the following employments, transfers or recessions: Matthew Bailey as assistant girls track coach at TCHS, effective immediately.

The next regular meeting will be held on Monday, Dec. 3 at 7 p.m. at the Tyler County Board of Education Office, located on Dodd Street in Middlebourne.