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Paden City Council Discusses Water Problems

By Staff | Nov 14, 2018

The Paden City Council meeting was held in regular session on Monday Nov. 5 at 7 p.m. in the council chambers of the municipal building.

Mayor Clyde Hochstrasser commented on the city’s water situation and stated the city is moving forward on the telemetry system; Hochstrasser said the city will be taking care of cleaning the wells and putting them on a maintenance schedule. He stated the #4 well will be cleaned first.

During the public forum, residents were on hand to address ongoing water issues the city is having. One resident stated a worker from the Public Service District told her that a pump needed to fix a water issue had not yet arrived. Mayor Hochstrasser stated the pump has arrived and has been sitting for six months. The mayor assured the resident that the pump is scheduled to be installed in the next week.

Other residents had similar complaints of continuing water damage on and around 8th Street from an apparent leak in a four-inch water pipe. The city has investigated the issue previously, but to date, has been unable to locate the leak. The citizens believe they know where the source of the leak is and gave the council the general location. The council stated that it would send crews out to explore the area again to find the leak and replace the line.

It was noted Thrasher will be giving an update on the water project later that week. Currently, the city is working on Church Street and replacing all the water lines.

The council approved payment of all city bills. The council approved a motion to purchase a new computer for the recorder’s office. A motion was also passed for revisions to the city budget.

Paden City Chief of Police Earl P. “Bob” Kendle also asked residents to please dial 911 on weekends and after 4 p.m. on weekdays, instead of calling the city building. “Once the city office closes each day, there is no one on hand to answer the calls unless an officer happens to be in the office,” Kendle said.

In other matters related to the police department, the council addressed the urgent need for a new police cruiser. The current car Police Chief Kendle is driving is 14-years-old and has multiple issues, including a key broken off in the ignition and faulty headlights. The city is looking to purchase a retired police vehicle from another department or considering asking local businesses in the area to donate a car that could get the city through until July of next year.

The council approved a motion to purchase new tires for the city’s 1 ton maintenance truck, as it would not pass state inspection without them. The cost is estimated to be roughly $1,110. This is the truck used for the city’s snow removal and cinder spreader.

The council had a brief discussion on assigning an assistant street director for the city maintenance crew, in the event that Josh Billiter, the Paden City Public Works Director, is on vacation or otherwise unavailable. This discussion was tabled for the next meeting so that the council could get Billiter’s input on the matter.

The Paden City Parks and Pool board is in need of volunteers to assist with this year’s park clean up and weatherization efforts. Those interested in lending a hand are asked to come on Saturday, Nov. 17 at 9 a.m.

A motion passed to allow office workers Sheila and Diann to attend an educational class at CSSI in Parkersburg, to learn more about the current office software the city is using.

The council revisited the issue of the repeat offenders of the city’s yard maintenance ordinance. The council is looking to revise the ordinance to instate higher fines for residents who repeatedly leave their grass growing and their yards unkempt. The council will be working on amending the ordinance and hopes to have a first reading at the next council meeting.