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Cain Retires From Health Department

By Staff | Nov 7, 2018

Photo by Chad Turner A table is set up with some of Karens Cain’s nursing memorabilia, on display at the retirement party.

Wetzel-Tyler Health Department Public Health Nurse Karen Cain will be retiring after nearly 29 years of dedicated service. Prior to her time at the department, Cain worked at Wetzel County Hospital for 10 years.

A party was held in Cain’s honor Oct. 31with several distinguished guests and members of the community present.

Cain explained she has “enjoyed being able to serve the people of Tyler and Wetzel counties.” She stated she was proud to “be able to give immunizations to little kids preventing them from getting sick.”

Cain has seen several changes throughout her years of health service. She reminisced back to when Tyler and Wetzel each had their own health departments, so the consolidation was a new experience at the time.

Since then, she has seen workers come and go within the department.

Some guests in attendance spoke of how Cain was a dedicated worker, and professionals would often made recommendation to their patients to visit Cain to get excellent, thorough treatment.

Cain added, “We try hard to treat everyone, and treat them equal.” She continued, “You never come to the health department with a schedule; it’s fun, you never get bored.”

Cain also wanted to thank everyone that she has ever worked with, stating, “They have been fantastic.”

Cain will be available 18 hours a week, as she is not completely ready to retire. However, she is looking forward to more time with her parents and grandchildren.