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Smith, Archer Eye Commission Seat

By Staff | Oct 24, 2018

Mike Smith, a Republican, and Julia Archer, a Democrat, are vying for a seat on the Tyler County Commission.

Smith and his wife, Debra Heintzman Smith, are both life-long Tyler County residents. Both were born May 1, 1964 in Sistersville General Hospital, and aside from Mike serving a tour of duty in the United States Navy, have lived in Tyler County their whole life. They settled on a small farm near Middlebourne where they raised their children. Many know Debra as “Nurse Debbie” as she is a school nurse in Tyler County.

Mike is a US Navy veteran and a 30-year employee of Monongahela Power. “Having worked for the power company, through the years I have been across almost every road of Tyler County and have grown very fond of the place I have called home for the last 54 years. I have witnessed the changes, both good and bad, that we all have endured.”

Mike started out with the power company in 1988, and after obtaining a degree with WVUP in Electrical Engineering Technology, moved to Engineering, then to Planning and Scheduling, and is currently the Planning Supervisor. “I have seen a lot of projects completed over the years. From physically building them, engineering and designing them, and to implementing them. My latest project is the implementation of electronic processing of electrical inspections in the Parkersburg Region. We are the first in Mon Power West Virginia to have this. It is saving the company a lot of money and manhours as well as streamlining the process for the inspectors and our technicians. We hope to have all of Mon Power on board with it this summer making us the only First Energy company to have 100% participation.”

Mike is on the Board of Directors for the West Virginia Christian Youth Camp where his whole family volunteers. He is also on the Board of Directors for the Tyler County Farm Bureau and has been on the Tyler County Republican Executive Committee for several years. He loves working with kids and his favorite activity with the Farm Bureau is their yearly safety day where he teaches electrical safety to the fifth graders in the county.

“I believe the safety and well being of our citizens and first responders is of utmost importance. I am also concerned about our youth, economic development, seniors, and veterans. We also need to do what we can to bring the county into the 21st century with cell service and internet.”

“This is an opportunity that I am really excited about. It would be such an honor to use my leadership and experience to serve Tyler County. Your support would be appreciated”

Visit Mike on his facebook page @mikesmithforcommissioner


Julia Archer is a lifetime resident of Tyler County and graduate of Tyler County High School, Archer believes she has the best interest of the citizens at heart.

She is the daughter of John and Joellen (Winland) Roberts. Her father served as Magistrate of Tyler County for 26 years, retiring in 2014. Her mother retired from Colin Anderson Center as a registered nurse.

Following in her father’s footsteps, Archer has a strong passion for serving the citizens of Tyler County. “My dad always had a passion for serving others, and instilled this in us at a young age,” said Archer. “We were also taught a strong work ethic both of these qualities will benefit me in serving the citizens of Tyler County.”

After graduation, Archer enlisted in the United States Army, where she was honorably discharged after completing her service. She later worked at Ace Hardware for several years, focusing on kitchen and bathroom design and sales. She left that position in 2008 to focus on managing the Roberts-Archer Beef Cattle Farm, making her the third generation to run the family-owned farm. This experience has garnered in her a strong sense of financial responsibility and the importance of balancing the budget.

Archer is a member of LaZear’s Chapel United Methodist Church where she serves in many different roles, including the Board of Trustees, Administrative Council and Finance Committee. She also is a member of the Tyler County Fair Board and previously served on the Tyler County Extension Service Committee.

As a Commissioner, Archer will focus on economic development in Tyler County. “This county has potential for growth that would benefit its citizens in many ways,” she said “Economic development would not only benefit the county, but also as its citizens by bringing jobs to the area.”

Archer will be diligent and motivated to make our county attractive for more businesses. “Serving the citizens of Tyler County would truly be an honor,” said Archer.


The Tyler Star News mailed Smith and Archer simple questionnaires to answer.

Tyler Star News: What makes you more qualified than your opponent for the commission seat?

Mike Smith: I am not real comfortable with the question as it was asked, so I am simply going to a present a resume’.

I’m Mike Smith, Candidate for Tyler County Commission. I am married to Debra Heintzman Smith, who is also known as “Nurse Debbie” as she is Tyler County’s first official school nurse. We are both lifelong Tyler County residents and were both born May 1, 1964 in Sistersville General Hospital. Aside from me serving a four year tour of duty in the United States Navy; we have both lived and worked in Tyler County our entire lives. I am a 1982 graduate of Sistersville High School and Debra is a 1982 graduate of Tyler County High School. We settled on a small farm on Elk Fork where we raised our children. Everyone in our family is an active member of the Steelton Church of Christ.

Shortly after separating from the Navy, I hired on with the Monongahela Power Company where I have served for the last 30 years. This has afforded me the opportunity to break out of my little part of the county, and I have literally been in almost every nook and cranny of Tyler County over the years. Because of this, I have a more intimate knowledge of Tyler County than most and have witnessed and experienced the changes, both good and bad, that we have had to endure. During my tenure with the power company, I went back to school at WVUP and graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology. This allowed me to move into engineering, planning/scheduling, then into management as Planning and Scheduling Supervisor where I currently serve. As Planning and Scheduling Supervisor, I manage the resources such as manpower, contractors, traffic control, dozers, and other off-road equipment for the Parkersburg Region as well as manage both fiscal and manpower budgets. This region takes in four service centers and 10 counties. I have six direct reports that manage and schedule the day to day operations in four service centers.

Over the last ten to fifteen years, I have been asked to serve on a few boards. The ones I currently serve on, and have for many years, are: Tyler County Farm Bureau BOD, Tyler County Republican Executive Committee, and the WV Christian Youth Camp BOD. Being on these boards has given me the opportunity to work and serve our community. Because of this, I have developed a network of contacts that include citizens, businesses, companies, organizations, and politicians, not only in our county, but surrounding counties and in Charleston.

I am a fiscal conservative. I do not believe in frivolous spending. Money is well spent though, when it benefits the community or a better Tyler County. Balanced budgets are a must.

The United States Navy provided me with leadership and management experience early on. After reporting to my squadron in Miramar CA, I eventually became crew leader, flight line shop supervisor, and eventually shift supervisor of the electrical shop.

As a Christian man, I feel that I have certain attributes that are not just assets, but necessities for being county commissioner. These are; honesty, integrity, loyalty, compassion, and stewardship. I make only one promisethat I will work for ALL of Tyler County, conducting business in a Christian manner, objectively without bias, keeping the overall best interest of Tyler County first and foremost.

It would be my honor to be able to bring this leadership and experience to the table to serve Tyler County as commissioner.

Visit me: @mikesmithforcommissioner commissionermsmith@gmail.com

Julia Archer: I am not more or less qualified than Mike Smith. I feel that we are both completely capable to serve the county as commissioner. I am the youngest of six children in a very large family, I am a veteran of the US Army, and I have worked with the public in many different capacities. These life experiences have taught me about the person I am, how I want to be treated, and how I want to treat others.


TSN: Give us three words that best describe your character. Tell us why you chose each of those words.

MS: Faith, Family, Community:

This is a slogan that a friend of mine suggested and I believe it fits.

Faith: It is the foundation and is manifested through honesty, integrity, loyalty, compassion, and stewardship.

Family: Family is very important and falls back on the foundation of faith. Not just immediate family, but extended family, friends and neighbors.

Community: Community is an extension of the family. The community isn’t just where one lives but is where they happen to be at any given time. Going back to the foundation of faith, we are on this earth to serve, service to God, our families, and to our communities.

JA: Honest, Loyal, Hardworking:

Honest: I have a strong faith in humanity. I demonstrate this daily through my family, my church, and my country.

Loyal: I served my country because I wanted to and those values still guide me today.

Hardworking: I am very involved in the daily operations of our family farm and the welfare of family members. Whether the job is administrative, manual or emotional, I handle it.