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Commission Works To Get Water For County

By Staff | Oct 3, 2018

Luke Peters with the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Council informed the Tyler County Commission on Sept. 26 that extra funding is available for the Route 18 South Water Project, so the commission was asked to contribute $39,300, which is much lower than the expected request. Thus, the project will continue as projected. The commission agreed to donate the money for the project.

Additionally, Peters requested a budget amendment for the area broadband initiative. It was noted the broadband committee hired Thompson and Litton in the amount of $29,000 to take on the broadband project.

Peters also informed the commission about the 2018 CFIA grant, which gives aid to courthouse accessibility improvements. The commission discussed a platform that would assist handicapped residents in getting upstairs into the courtroom. The topic will be further discussed at the next meeting.

PSD Manager Tina Lancaster spoke to the commission about Phase II of the South 18 Water Project. The project is estimated to cost $3,527,000 and will add potentially 150 customers. The majority of the funding will come through USDA and Small Cities Block Grant funds, but there will still be a gap of approximately $512,000. The USDA will need a letter of commitment from the commission, and the funds could be taken from next year’s budget. The topic will be further discussed at a later date.

The commission also passed a motion to hire an additional resource officer to help patrol the county’s schools. Sheriff Weigle stated he will have everything ready to move forward around mid-October, and the next available officers academy will be in January.

Sheriff Weigle also requested the hiring of an additional deputy. The commission agreed that with the use of a deputy as a resource officer, there will need to be a replacement. Weigle also requested the purchase of another police cruiser. He will look at prices for vehicles and submit his findings to the commission.

County Clerk Neil Archer informed the commission of a purchase of a trailer for use by the county. The trailer was an American Hauler Airlite Cargo Trailer in the amount of $2,972. Archer also requested the hiring of a linen service. He explained that all of the rugs in the city buildings were in bad shape, and he is fearful of a tripping hazard. The commission agreed to approve services from Wheeling Linen in the amount of $81.10 per week.

Commission Vice-President John Stender reported there is an eight acre section of land along Middle Island Creek that the commission would like to purchase for when the new bridge is installed at the 4-H grounds. The commission offered $4,450 for the land. The landowner offered the land at $14,000, so there will be negotiating in the near future. Prosecuting Attorney Luke Furbee stated he wants the proposal in a written form from the landowner and his legal representative.

Stender also reported that the county purchased a new mower for the Tyler County Senior Citizens Center. The mower is a Cub Cadet mower with a 54-inch deck for the amount of $2,000.

The commission passed a motion to move forward with the boys dormitory to be constructed at the Tyler County 4-H grounds. The company has agreed to work through the winter in order to have the project complete by summer.

Commission President Eric Vincent reported that agenda items will be posted in accordance with WV Ethics and Open Meetings Act. Agendas for the Tyler County Commission will be posted two business days prior to their meeting in a glass case outside of the courthouse. Request for items requiring action should be submitted at least two business days before the meeting. Representatives of the Paden City Development Authority spoke with commissioners in regards to the roof work on the Industrial Park in Paden City, along with rental agreements. The PCDA is requesting funds in the amount of $45,000 for roof repairs. The commission is more interested in a rental agreement that guarantees them a spot in the building for a number of years. The commission is fearful of contributing the money and then the building be sold. The topic will be added to the next meeting for further discussion.

The next Tyler County Commission meeting will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 10 beginning at 9 a.m. and located at the Tyler County Courthouse in Middlebourne.