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PC Council Worries About Potholes

By Staff | Sep 12, 2018

The Paden City Council met in regular session on Tuesday, Sept. 4, in the council chambers at the Paden City municipal building, where there were several citizens on hand to voice concerns over the state of the roads and the numerous potholes around town. Citizens provided council members with photos and detailed accounts of specific locations that need attention. Residents are hoping for repairs to be made before winter.

Susanna Pierce approached the council about filling in the holes on 6th and Broadway streets with concrete, herself, as a temporary fix for the large potholes near her home. She also suggested that the council may want to plan some sort of fundraiser such as a bake sale to help cover road repair costs. Susanna mentioned, “I make a mean pie!”

Council members stated they are still waiting on FEMA to release the money to repair the roads. There is still no answer on when the funds will be available, or how much the city will be receiving from the grant. Another issue the city faces is the shortage of asphalt to fill potholes but is considering getting it from St. Marys.

Thrasher Engineering representative Daniel E. Ferrell was on hand to give an update on the Thrasher water project. The estimated budget for the project is at $5 million and includes replacing some of the water tanks and refurbishing others.

The budget also includes the addition of an air stripper at the water plant, also a spare pump and a new generator so that the updated water plant would have a backup system in place. Thrasher is working with the USDA to acquire funding, while the city council looks in to other grants and loans that might be available to the city to help with the costs.

The Rule 42, which is a rate analysis, has been completed and will result in a $13 to $16 water rate increase that will need to be phased in over the next two years on city residents water bills. The estimated time for construction to begin on the water project is 14 to 16 months, and once started will take roughly one year to complete.

The council passed a motion approving Rodney Wade’s request for no parking at 214 N. 4th and Wetzel Street from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., to allow trucks to enter and exit the Quality Aluminum parking lot during business hours.

In police related matters, the council passed a motion to start looking for a new police cruiser for the city police department. The city’s current cruisers are both older models and still under lease. They will be paid off in July 2019. The city is looking to lease another cruiser or to perhaps find a nice used police vehicle they can modify to suit the city’s needs.

In other matters on the agenda, the council approved a motion to have the city’s Halloween Trick-or-Treating on Monday, Oct. 29. The local band director requested that it be held earlier this year so that the band can participate in the festivities downtown.

The council approved a motion to set the fall burning season for Sept. 15 to Oct. 15.

A motion passed to appoint Carolyn Gatian to the third ward seat on the council; she was sworn in to her newly appointed seat by Mayor Hotchstrausser. She will represent the third ward until the next city election in June 2019.