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PSD Ready for Route 18 Water Project

By Staff | Sep 5, 2018

Bids were opened for the Route 18 South Water Project at the Tyler County Public Service District’s recent meeting. The bids are being tallied, and the PSD will examine all of its options before moving forward with a decision.

In other news, PSD Manager Tina Lancaster reported to board members that the West Virginia Summer Work Force program has come to an end. The program offered some help with summer chores. Also, the PSD has had extra help from Colby Acree who has been working a few days a week.

Lancaster gave a FEMA update, stating she had to submit more information about current floods. However, FEMA has looked over a previous claim that is close to being refunded.

PSD employee Eric Keller has passed his Class I water certification testing, which now means all three PSD field employees are Class I water trained.

As a result of his accomplishment, a motion passed to give Keller a 50 cent raise.

An update was given on the Paden Fork water line that was exposed.

A bell has had a restraint placed around it to better protect it. The state road is supposed to come along and fill in the ditch, and the PSD wanted to make sure the bell was well protected before the state road came along.

In another matter, auditors finished their most recent audit and expressed how impressed they were with the organization of the PSD. The audit came back in a timely manner with positive results.

The WVDOH had previously stated it would start billing annually for projects constructed in DOH right-of-ways. Since the announcement, there has been a major revolt from PSDs, municipalities, and other organizations expressing their discontent with the bill. The WVDOH has since lifted the hold on future projects and permits are once again being issued without the annual cost included.

Enrec has approached the PSD about purchasing water from a hydrant on Buck Run. Enrec was wanting as much as 80,000 to 90,000 gallons a day with a max of 160,000 gallons. The PSD explained it could not supply those numbers but offered another hydrant that could better supply Enrec. The PSD will only be supplying water for approximately seven to 10 days at a rate of $10.99 per thousand gallons.

The PSD passed a motion to add its iPad to the PSD’s AT&T account with unlimited data for $20 per month. The purpose is there is an app that can be used to monitor telemetry meters throughout the county.

The PSD also passed a motion to purchase BP gas cards for employees. It was mentioned the PSD had been purchasing gas at the state road building; however, that gate gets closed at 3 p.m. Also, gas prices have been lower at local gas stations than what is available through the state, not to mention the rewards that come with a BP gas card. Board members took the opportunity to establish a minimum dollar amount for depreciable items to appease the auditor. After some discussion, the board passed a motion that anything over $1,000 would be the minimum amount for depreciable items.

PSD Board Member Art Mason’s term is scheduled to end on Dec. 31. It was advised that Mason submit his name to county commissioners, seeking approval for a consecutive term.

The next Tyler County PSD meeting will be held on Monday, Sept. 28 beginning at 3 p.m. and located at the PSD Office in Friendly.