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Keller Is First Tyler Resident To Graduate Drug Court

By Staff | Sep 5, 2018

Judge Hummel stands next to Jeremy Keller who is the first-ever drug court graduate of Tyler County.

Tyler County recently hosted its first-ever drug court graduation, held at the courthouse. The ceremony served to recognize Jeremy Keller – the first-ever Tyler County drug court graduate. Keller had previously been arrested for the manufacturing and distribution of a controlled substance – methamphetamine.Judge Hummel stated, “I was harsh as could be on Jeremy, because number one, he deserved it, and number two, the community deserved it.” Hummel explained the reason he was so hard on Keller was there was a large amount of homemade methamphetamine being distributed through the community.

Hummel sent a message through Keller that those involved with the manufacturing or distribution of methamphetamine would meet the harshest penalties allowed by law. During the drug court graduation, Hummel went on to praise Keller for his dedication to drug court.

“The common denominator to success is maturity” added Hummel.Keller was determined to clear his name, so he participated in drug court to meet the court’s demands, as well as seek the treatment he needed. Keller excelled in his classes and even volunteered to stay under supervision for an additional four months, so he may meet all the requirements – allowing him to graduate from drug court.Keller took the opportunity to thank all the people who helped and supported him along the way – including friends, sober buddies, probation officers, and counselors that showed they had faith in his recovery. At that, friends, sponsors, probation officers and Prosecuting Attorney Luke Furbee took time to congratulate Jeremy on his success and to remark on what an inspiration he has become for those battling addictions. Several inmates expressed how Keller had been a leader and managed to stay strong even with the trying times he faced. Furbee even reflected back to when he and Keller were classmates and what a burden it was to have sent Keller to prison.

There was a great group of support at the courthouse, and it was clearly understood that everyone was very proud of Keller for the progress he has made.