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Tyler County Focused On Hiring Resource Officer

By Staff | Aug 29, 2018

Tyler County Schools Superintendent Robin Daquilante, Board of Education President Linda Hoover, BOE member Dave Roberts, TCS Financial Adviser Jeff Davis, Sheriff Brian Weigle and Commissioner David Kelly met recently to discuss the probability of hiring another resource officer for TCS. There is no question everyone is in support of the protection of the county’s youth; however, there was some concern over funding the position of another resource officer.

There is grant funding available from the federal government that can be used toward funding another officer; unfortunately, the grants are five-year grants that phase down over time, and the funding after the grant runs out is the main concern. The board would like to have adequate funding to sustain an officer once the grant funding runs out, before moving forward. The BOE currently pays 75 percent or $47,000 toward the salary of the current resource officer, and to double that amount for another officer could put a bind on the county’s school budget.”This is about the security of the students and staff in our schools,” stated Commissioner Kelly. All the board members strongly agreed with this sentiment; however, the board is fearful that once the funding runs out, there may come a time when the board would be forced to make a decision of either having to release a teacher or a resource officer due to lack of funding. Commissioner Kelly stated the commission will continue to look for further funding in order to maintain the position once the grant funding runs out. After much discussion, Superintendent Daquilante, BOE members, Sheriff Weigle, and Commissioner Kelly decided to move forward with exploring the hiring of an additional resource officer, but the process will take time. Superintendent Daquilante noted she wanted to make sure the resource officer is a good fit for working around students, as well as being properly trained for the position.

Superintendent Daquilante also mentioned she wants to work closely with the sheriff’s office to find the best location for housing the resource officer in order to best protect the front entrances of the schools. The BOE will meet with the commission at the next Tyler County Commission meeting, scheduled for Sept. 12 and beginning at 9:30 a.m., to further discuss details.