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By Staff | Aug 22, 2018

J. Scott Beaver

J. Scott Beaver is an Independent candidate for the West Virginia House of Delegates, District Six. As a concerned citizen, Beaver wants to perform the public service of representing the people of District Six. He believes the state is being taken advantage of “again.”

“They took our oil, took our coal, and now they are taking our gas,” Beaver stated. “In the past they have taken our resources and left us as the poorest state in the nation. This has to end. Our whole tax structure needs redone, as I pointed out in my article, ‘A Wake Up Call to Appalachia’ in August 2017.”

The above-mentioned article can be found on Beaver’s website “Beaver4WV.com,” as well as his Facebook page “Beaver4WV.”

“This is a Grassroots effort, and I will not sell my vote to large corporate interests that allow harm to my friends and neighbors. I would be honored to carry our message to Charleston and incorporate it into our laws. I am an Independent; I have conservative values with progressive ideas.”

Beaver sees other areas of concern for District Six – the opioid crisis, lack of Internet infrastructure, looming water concerns, and deteriorating road conditions. Beaver sees these big issues as requiring coordination with neighboring districts, governmental agencies, and each of us.

“We also need to foster business, but not at the detriment of our people and our environment,” said Beaver.

J. Scott Beaver’s family has lived and worked in Tyler County for five generations. Beaver graduated from Sistersville High School in 1979. He spent five years serving in the United States Air Force, working his way up to Technical Instructor. He taught Aircraft Maintenance.

Beaver worked 10 years as a member of the United Steelworkers and has worked the past 20 years as a member of the United Chemical Workers, which included 18 years as a first responder. Beaver has experience working and cooperating with governmental agencies such as OSHA, EPA, WVDEP, and others.

Over the years, Beaver has been a member of various civic organizations including West Virginia Patriot Guard, American Legion Riders, Friendly Lions, Moose Lodge, and the Masonic Lodge.

Beaver and his wife Darlene have been married for 30 years. They raised their two children in Paden City, where Beaver has enjoyed serving the community by coaching youth sports for many years. The Beavers are now living on a family homestead in Tyler County, and they enjoy time with grandchildren. Many people know J. Scott and Darlene for the large gardens and berry fields they have grown. They also raised cattle and produced hay for many years.

“Your vote will help me address our issues in Charleston,” says Beaver. “Thank you for your support.”