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McKinley Attends Tyler Fair

By Staff | Aug 8, 2018

Photo by Chad Turner U.S. Rep. David McKinley, R-W.Va David McKinley Speaks With Tyler County residents at the Tyler County Fair.

United States Congressman David McKinley attended the Tyler County Fair on Thursday and mingled with senior citizens during their annual lunch event. He shook hands and greeted several residents of Tyler County while promoting some of the platforms he stands for as a United States Congressman.

One platform he is passionate about is the opportunity to increase funding for treatment facilities to battle the ongoing opioid epidemic. McKinley added he feels President Donald Trump has recognized that there is a drug problem, so there is more federal funding available than ever before. However, West Virginia has been struggling to receive its fair share. “West Virginia is the epicenter of the opioid crises, and we need the proper funding if we are to ever make a difference” stated McKinley.

He has spoken with Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) about the funding and he was told that West Virginia was not properly applying for grants. Therefore, McKinley got SAMHSA to hold a conference in Morgantown to give a presentation on grant writing. McKinley added that West Virginia is receiving five times the amount received last year.

The Congressman noted that West Virginia is competing against other states for funding, and he mentioned that New Hampshire had received 25 percent more funding than West Virginia even though West Virginia leads the nation in overdose related deaths.

The funding can be used for the building of treatment facilities, hiring resource officer for school and providing mental health services at the schools which McKinley feels are all going to be essential in battling this crisis.

McKinley added that the pharmaceutical companies are starting to pay for their oversupplying and are under more control, but the damage is already done. The drug of choice has gone from pharmaceutical medications to the cheaper drugs of Methamphetamine and Heroin – causing a major social disturbance.

The overdose rates have also increased because of the use of these drugs. Therefore, McKinley would like to see more rehabilitation facilities where people can get proper treatment. McKinley also added that there a

re companies out there that are starting to hire those with a criminal record for drug possession as a way of giving them a second chance; however, turnover rates are high because people are having trouble staying sober.

The question remains as to how we reach the 30-35 year old demographic that seems to be struggling with addiction.