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Tyler PSD Discusses Projects with State DOH

By Staff | Aug 1, 2018

The Tyler County PSD recently held its monthly meeting, and Manager Tina Lancaster informed the board members that she has spoken with Josh Norris with the West Virginia Department of Transportation about the exposed water lines in the ditch lines along Paden Fork. According to Norris, there is a project that has been approved by Charleston for ditch work and resurfacing for the area. However, there is no start date for the project, so Lancaster was forced to use restraint fittings to hold an exposed bell in place until the project can begin.

Board members were informed there is a WV Department of Highways meeting scheduled for Aug. 30. The state has passed new bills that affect utility companies, especially small PSDs. Lancaster explained that in previous years, projects would carry an occupation/inspection fee as a one-time fee. The state has changed the bill, so that moving forward, PSDs will be charged annually $1 per foot of line along DOH right-of-ways for future projects. For example, that means the Route 18 South Project would cost approximately $20,000 per year. The PSD was able to get clearance for the project before the bill was passed. However, Phase II and Phase III of the project would be affected. Also, Middlebourne would have to subject themselves to the fees for their upcoming water project.

It was urged that all the local PSDs attend the meeting to voice their concerns and objections to the passing of these bills. The money collected from these bills is to be used by the DOH for road upkeep.

Lancaster also mentioned she had reached out to FEMA about covering the cost of damages to water lines during recent floods. Lancaster mentioned that insurance companies would not cover the claims, because the water lines were located in flood plains. FEMA stated they have finished the paperwork for the claims, and they feel that the PSD will most likely be reimbursed.

It was also mentioned that there was previously a property owner in Davenport who was making a claim with their insurance company; however, the insurance company claims they have reached out to the residents with no response.

Lancaster informed board members that employee Eric Keller is taking courses to obtain his water certification, making all three field employees water certified. Keller will take his sewer certification course at a later date. It was added the PSD has been receiving help through the WV Workforce Summer Program for assistance with mowing and odd-jobs.

PSD Board member Pam Porfeli has been registered and approved to do electronic sewer upgrade documents for the Tyler County PSD.

The PSD has been given the authorization to bid out the Route 18 South Water Project, so the bid opening will be held on Aug. 21 and beginning at 10 a.m. A list of names was presented to board members, listing the five people who were eligible to waive their tap fees through the Tyler County PSD’s Tap Fee Assistance. There was also one resident listed from the Clark Ridge area for which the PSD agreed to waive the tap fee.

The next Tyler County PSD meeting will be held on Aug. 27 beginning at 3 p.m. and located at the PSD Office in Friendly.