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Pastor Guild Arrives in Texas

By Staff | Jul 25, 2018

Photo Provided Pastor Troy Guild takes a photo at the Arkansas state line.

Pastor Troy Guild has completed his mission of bicycling over 1,200 miles to meet his family in Texas. Together, Guild and his family have crossed the border to work with missionaries in Mexico.

According to Guild, the journey was physically, “the most difficult thing I have ever done.” Conditions were rough, and the heat index was up. There were also some complications along the way. However, nothing was going to stop Guild from carrying out God’s plan of cycling to Texas. The trip took 30 days and spanned over 1,311 miles of biking through rain, high temperatures and unfavorable conditions.

Guild explained the beginning of the journey was difficult, and he reflected back to one evening in particular when he had been riding all day and into the dark of the evening. Guild had no place to rest, so he pulled off to the side of the road and spread out a hammock to try to sleep in the elements. He said he managed, but the ride was difficult for him the next day. In fact, Guild said the bicycling never got any easier. There were days he didn’t want to ride, but he mustered the energy to persevere.

Guild also recollected a time when he was cycling, and the temperatures were well over 100 degrees. He was hot and frustrated. The GPS had taken him in the wrong direction, and he was in the middle of nowhere.

Guild added the equipment, bike, and gear added approximately another 70 pounds to his journey, and on this particular day, he was miserable.

Seemingly out of nowhere, a gentleman had brought out frozen blueberries from a home hidden behind some trees. The gentleman told Guild that God had put it on his heart to take some frozen blueberries outside, which is a southern tradition on a hot day. The man had no idea that Guild was even outside as he could not see the road from the trees. Guild said the cool blueberries “were absolutely delicious,” and at that moment he knew all things were possible through God.

Pastor Guild explained it was very difficult to keep water cool. He never ran out of water, but it would often heat up on him.

He was amazed at how people would go out of their way to provide him with a cool drink of water.

Guild explained, “It wasn’t the fact that I rode all that way that is amazing,” but instead, it is that God was able to provide for him throughout the journey. Guild continued, “Everyday was hot and everything hurt, but the big deal is that God provided in the most miraculous ways.” Complete strangers would offer a place to sleep, and Guild feels he was able to see the best of humanity from people. He added that people with money would offer help, and even people who had very little to offer still offered to help him out along the way. Another time, Guild had gotten an infection in his leg which turned into a staph infection. Someone, following his journey, had called a doctor for him. When the doctor found out about Guild’s Journey of Faith, he treated Guild at no cost.On another day, Guild was riding and received a sharp pain unlike anything he had dealt with up to that point. He decided to pull off the road and take a break, hoping the pain would subside. While on the side of the road, a vehicle had swerved off of the road, across the berm that Guild was on, and traveled further in front of Guild. Guild stated if he hadn’t stopped at that moment, he would have been struck by the vehicle. After the incident, Guild’s pain disappeared. He feels the pain was God’s way of protecting him.

The trip has offered a new look at life for Guild: “I learned that the most important things in life are not our accumulation of wealth, but it’s the simplicity of the basic things that we need to have such as family love, and friends. Those are the things we need to focus on.”Guild wants to thank the people of Tyler County, for he stated, “They have been my biggest supporters along the way.” He mentioned the Sistersville Ferry even opened just to give him passage across the Ohio River. Guild also mentioned the members of the Middlebourne Baptist Church who did all that they could do to help him along the way. “They love me unconditionally,” stated Guild.

Guild would like to add that Mission to the Children is the name of the nonprofit organization that all of Guild’s sponsorship funds went to helping. He and his family will be working with the mission while they stay in Mexico. Anyone that would like more information about the mission may check out the Facebook page “Mission for the Children.”