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4 Senses Offers Massages With A Unique Touch

By Staff | Jul 25, 2018

4 Senses Massages and Bodywork, located on Doak Street in Middlebourne, is not your typical massage parlor. Owner Matt Yeater candidly explains the uniqueness of his occupation himself, as he noted he went into the massage business, because he felt it was “a great job for a blind person.”

“I’ve spent the majority of my life now doing everything with my hands, so it works out nice.” Yeater established his business in Middlebourne approximately three years ago but has lived in Middlebourne for almost 13 years. He said he is busier than he ever thought he would be, but always has room for more.

Yeater said most of his clients have an ailment such as pinched nerves, carpal tunnel, or Fibromyalgia, and there is a massage designed for each of these conditions. Yeater said although there seems to be a stigma that a massage is something to do simply to pamper oneself, this would represent about only five percent of his clientele. Most of Yeater’s clients are in need of pain relief.

Yeater takes pride in the fact that “No two people get the same massage here.” He understands each person will have a different ailment pertaining to them. Therefore, Yeater takes a few minutes to get to know each individual, find out their particular ailment, and then will base a massage off of their individual needs. “If you come in with lower back issues, and I spend the majority of time on your legs, you’re not getting the treatment you need” stated Yeater.

Yeater has taken several classes and training sessions that are designed to teach different methods of massage – Deep Tissue, Swedish, Chair, Hands & Feet, Hot Stone, Prenatal, and Integrated Stretching. Yeater stated, “Stretching is vital to the body, and everyone should do it more.” Yeater finds stretching so integral that he incorporates it into many of his massages.

Yeater has just recently been trained on a method of massaging called Ashiatsu. Ashiatsu is Japanese for foot pressure. It is a message technique that uses the feet to perform a deep tissue massage. Yeater explained that normally, when performing a deep tissue massage, the masseuse will use an elbow or a knuckle to get deep penetration, which often means soreness the next day. With Ashiatsu, Yeater can get deep into the muscle by using the ball of his feet, which helps to alleviate soreness from the massage by spreading the pressure over the entirety of the foot. Yeater holds supports above the table, keeps one foot on the table, and uses the other foot to apply pressure. Before Yeater could be trained in Ashiatsu, he first had to receive one himself. “Personally, it’s the best massage I have ever gotten in my life” exclaimed Yeater. Yeater believes he is the only person in the state that offers Ashiatsu-style massages.

Yeater also explained the experience of being “massage drunk,” which leaves the client in a euphoric state.

“It’s hard to explain,” mentioned Yeater. “Your whole body is freed up and moving like it hadn’t moved in a long time.

Yeater explained several benefits of receiving a massage including – relieve postoperative pain, reduce anxiety, manage low-back pain, help fibromyalgia pain, reduce muscle tension, enhance exercise performance, relieve tension headaches, sleep better, ease symptoms of depression, improve cardiovascular health, reduce pain of osteoarthritis, decrease stress in cancer patients, improve balance, decrease rheumatoid arthritis pain, temper effects of dementia, promote relaxation, lower blood pressure, decrease symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, help chronic neck pain, lower joint replacement pain, increase range of motion, decrease migraine frequency, improve quality of life in hospice care, and reduce chemotherapy-related nausea.

Yeater also offers flexible scheduling to accommodate the busy lifestyles of the modern worker. His hours range from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day of the week with the exception of Thursdays when the parlor closes at 3 p.m. so Yeater can spend time with his family. For more information about 4 Senses Massage and Bodywork, check out the Facebook page or visit www.4sensesmassage.com.