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Sistersville City Council Discusses Movie Night Initiative

By Staff | Jul 18, 2018

The Sistersville City Council meeting held on July 9, at city hall, began with a public forum. Dean Hirschi, a member of the Tyler County Prevention Coalition, gave an update on this summer’s upcoming Movie Nights, to be located at Sistersville Park.

Over the next three months, the Prevention Coalition will be hosting a movie each month in the park. Attendance is free, and free snacks will also be provided. The movies were picked by the community, via an online poll, and are as follows: The Iron Giant, July 27; The Princess Bride, Aug. 27; and The Lion King, Sept. 7. Each movie starts at 6 p.m. at the Sistersville Park’s pool stage.

“What we are really hoping to do with this event is to bring families together to an event that everyone can enjoy, to offer alternatives to our youth – healthy choices, and we hope that through movies, we can do this.” said Hirschi.

While the Movie Nights are already funded, Hirschi mentioned the coalition is still in need of other forms of support from the community, such as providing resources or volunteers to help at the events.

Also, during council’s public forum, a Sistersville Police Department officer noted a stop sign is needed in the alley that connects Wiley Avenue to 5th Avenue. The officer said the matter hasn’t been much of an issue until this past month and stated he’s almost been t-boned at the intersection twice by people not paying attention to traffic as they come out of the alley. Mayor Bill Rice says the city will have a stop sign installed at this intersection immediately.

In other council matters, a motion to approve the city’s bills was passed.

In regard to the FEMA Water Department project, Mayor Rice stated the city is waiting on FEMA to conduct an environmental historical preservation study. At that point, it will be known if the project is ready to go, and the city will start looking for the funding. The mayor stated that FEMA is trying to get the water pump replaced before winter.

A stairwell that needed replaced at a cost of $21,300 is no longer needed. Mayor Rice says an alternative stairwell has been donated to the city, from the former Ormet plant. This new stairwell is a cage ladder that is about 35 feet long and will need to be cut down to 33 feet in length to fit. The cost involved to move the ladder is roughly $300 and is available to be moved immediately.

Mayor Rice asked that the community come to the special council meeting to be held on Friday July 27, 6 p.m. at the Sistersville Fire Hall, to meet with engineers to discuss the installation and other project details. The community is welcome to come ask questions and be a part of the process of the water project.

In other city matters, council is working on a comprehensive maintenance schedule for all city vehicles – from the largest truck to the smallest weedeater.

The Sistersville Ferry Board reported the annual Coast Guard inspection took place on July 9 and passed. The Sistersville Ferry insurance bill premium will be due soon, in the amount of $17,000 this year. The board also reported the Sistersville Ferry’s Fireworks on the River Cruise was a huge success; the board sent thanks to everyone who helped.

The Sistersville Planning Commission reported that new Christmas decorations are being made, and new LED lights have been purchased for the downtown area. The commission has also made a donation to the fireworks fund, sponsored a free swim day at the pool, bought paint for the pool and flowers for the planters, landscaped the welcome sign on Riverside Drive – as well numerous other projects to beautify the city. Planning Commission meetings are posted 3-5 days in advance and are open to the public.

A motion was approved to establish the days for this year’s Ohio River Ferryboat Festival, which is the last Saturday of July each year. The festival will be July 27-29 this year, and streets will be closed downtown for this event, from Catherine Street to Charles Street.

A motion passed to create an exclusion parking zone bordering the furnace at Precision. Also, a motion passed to draft a comprehensive noise ordinance for the city, to be discussed at the next meeting.

The next scheduled Sistersville City Council meeting will be a special meeting at the fire hall on July 27, 6 p.m. in Sistersville.