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Commissioners Continue to Work on 4-H Grounds

By Staff | Jul 18, 2018

The Tyler County Commission met on Wednesday, July 11, and Commission Vice-President John Stender announced he had received an estimate for the Assembly Hall roof at the 4-H grounds. The estimate includes press board and metal roofing for approximately $14,700. Stender mentioned he gave the wrong figure at the last meeting, and the Stealey-Green Foundation granted $7,500 to be used towards the roof.

Stender also reported there is eight acres of creek bank across from the 4-H grounds that the commission would like to purchase. Stender stated after purchasing the property, the banks would be cleaned up to provide a better line of sight when leaving the facility. It also allows the future addition of any bridges to go along more smoothly to create a safer exiting point from the camp.

Stender added he has had a person look into cleaning up the McLaughlin property once the sale and auction have been finalized. The hillside is extremely steep, and many trees and limbs will have to be removed. There will also have to be fill dirt put in place to provide for future parking. The trees and debris will be moved to the bottom of the hill and will eventually be burned. The cost for the cleaning of the property is estimated at $14,000.

Stender asked an engineer from Antero to look over the blueprints of the proposed 4-H boys dormitory, and the engineer informed Stender that materials used were “overkill” for the project. For example, the blueprints suggested using 2×8 studs for the walls and joists. As long as the layout remains the same, equipment and other items can be switched out to save on costs. The commission will write up a new bid proposal to have Prosecuting Attorney Luke Furbee review, and then the project can be rebid at less cost.

The commission met with Linda Hoover and Nancy Haught, who stated the Middle Island Health Clinic is in need of repairs. The facility needs a new roof, HVAC system, tables and chairs. Therefore, the commission passed a motion to purchase four new tables and 24 chairs in the amount of $71.90. The commission also agreed to have the HVAC system installed at the cost of $6,230. The commissioners stated they will need the specifications of the roof project in order to put it out to bid, since the estimate was at $50,000.

Sheriff Weigle requested the use of the courthouse on Wednesday, July 18 in order to host Civil Servant tests. The commissioners agreed to the use of the courthouse.

911 Director Josh Fulks informed the commissioners there is an old restroom in the jailhouse that is no longer functioning. Fulks would like to see the toilet fixed or removed to keep those being held in detention from using it. The commissioners suggested to get with the county maintenance worker to see if it would be easier to fix or remove.

OEM Director Tom Cooper requested the commissioners open bids for the LED emergency notification signs that will be located at the entrance points of the county. There were two bids received – one in the amount of $83,758.85 and the other for $87,249.00. Cooper stated he would like to look over the bids to make sure that the specifications are correct. The funding for the signs came through grant funding. Cooper was also asked to request a price for one more one-sided sign, which could be placed at Boreman Elementary. Cooper will return with that information.

Cooper also presented a revised promulgation plan to the commissioners to be signed, which is the first step of an evacuation plan in the event of an emergency. Cooper also mentioned there is an upcoming search and rescue training to be held on July 17-18. Air Force members will come from Florida to instruct. Cooper mentioned he will be feeding those in attendance of the meeting. Cooper explained he contacted the state auditor, and as long as a sign-up sheet is provided, the auditor has no problems with feeding attendees.

Commissioner David Kelly announced the McLaughlin property behind the courthouse is still set to close on July 23. The commission may hold a public auction on July 25 to sell a double wide and other items. The auction will be further discussed at the next meeting.

Commission President Eric Vincent reported he had received a letter from Pleasants County Humane Society regarding animals being picked up across county. There have been reports of several stray animals in Tyler County that the Olive Branch was not able to take in. Therefore, Pleasants County has been taking care of the animals, free of charge. Commissioner Vincent stated the commission had to write a check to Wetzel County for taking care of animals, so they may have to write a check for Pleasants County as well.

Vincent also announced there had to be two separate checking accounts open, one for the Fire Levy and one for the Route 18 South Water Project. The commission. passed a motion to open the checking accounts.

The next Tyler County Commission meeting will be on July 25 beginning at 9:30 a.m. and located at the Tyler County Courthouse in Middlebourne.