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PSD Updated On Water Project

By Staff | Jun 27, 2018

The Tyler County Public Service District recently received an update on the Route 18 South Water Project. PSD board members were told that easements are being completed, and the project is set to be placed to bid in early July. Bid opening might occur in August. The project is expected to begin in November, depending upon weather.

The PSD has filed a claim with FEMA for reimbursement for damages caused by flood damage. FEMA suggested the PSD file a claim with the PSD’s insurance company; if the insurance wouldn’t cover the claim, FEMA could possibly offer some funding. The PSD will also meet with FEMA representatives in regards to emergency generators for some of the pump stations. There was a report concerning a residence in Davenport, suspected of having sewage issues.

The home’s residents informed the PSD that sewage was backing up. The PSD placed a counter in the sewage pit, at the residence, to ensure the pit is functioning. According to the PSD, the problem is perhaps coming from an upstairs commode, located at the residence. A claim was filed with the homeowner’s insurance company, which will investigate the situation.

The PSD members then discussed a water leak on Route 180 due to bolts rusting out of a 2-inch valve. While workers were tending to this valve, another valve began to leak.

Workers were unable to complete the fixes until the early hours of the next morning. The water service was off for approximately 12 hours in order to fix the leaks. The PSD was informed there are other valves which will need replaced in the near future.

The PSD approved the recommended conclusions of the preliminary engineering report for the Tyler County PSD Waste Water Treatment Plant and Systems Improvements Project, prepared by Cerrone Associates Inc. The PSD passed a motion to apply for funding to the USDA for the sewer upgrade through the RDApply application. A motion passed allowing board member Pam Porfeli to sign and act on behalf of the PSD for the RDApply application, as well as all other project documents. Cerrone Associates will be in on July 3 to assist Porfeli with the process.

The next Tyler County PSD meeting is scheduled for July 23, beginning at 3 p.m. and located at the PSD building in Friendly.