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Northcraft Is Sentenced To 3-23 Years

By Staff | Jun 27, 2018

Two probationary matters and one Alford plea were addressed Friday, June 22 in Tyler County Circuit Court, before the Honorable Judge Jeffrey Cramer.

* Brian Scott Northcraft, 33, of Friendly, stood before Judge Hummel to make a plea in his case. Northcraft pleaded guilty, by way of an Alford/Kennedy plea. This means Northcraft did not admit guilt but accepted a plea agreement rather than facing a jury and possibly being sentenced to more time for the charges of burglary, first degree sexual assault, and second degree sexual assault. Northcraft was sentenced to three to 23 years, with credit for time served.

* In another matter, Kristen Cross, 24, of Sistersville, stood before Judge Cramer on a petition to revoke probation adjudicatory. Cross had allegedly violated her probation on two separate occasions. She openly admitted before the judge that she had violated her probation. Judge Cramer then ordered a post-arrest report be drawn up to present at the disposition hearing. The case in itself is over five years old and Judge Cramer wanted a report of her behavior over this five-year period. Cross will be sentenced at the disposition hearing, to be held July 3.

Cross pleaded guilty in October 2014 to drug-related offenses.

* Lionel J. Gore, 31, stood before Judge Cramer on a petition to revoke probation. Gore was advised he had the right to a preliminary hearing on his probation revocation. Gore opted to waive his preliminary hearing and will return for an adjudicatory hearing on July 3.