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Commission Updated On Progress of 4-H Grounds

By Staff | Jun 27, 2018

Photo by Chad Turner The assembly hall at the Tyler County 4-H grounds has seen improvements thanks to a county update project.

At a recent meeting of the Tyler County Commission, Vice-President John Stender reported there are trees which need to be removed at the 4-H campgrounds. The trees are leaning toward some of the buildings on the grounds. The banks along the creek and behind the girls dorm will also be smoothed out with an excavator and tidied. Stender also explained he had an engineer review blueprints for the boys dorm. The engineer noticed there was a great deal of extra materials in the blueprint. Therefore, there may be some material costs cut from the plans. The blueprints will be evaluated; then the project will be re-bid.

Stender also mentioned the state road has been contacted in regards to purchasing a Bailey bridge to be placed at the 4-H grounds. The price is estimated at approximately $3,000 to $4,000, which is close to the cost estimated of making repairs to the current bridge. There is a solid location in mind for the bridge if the commission decides to take that option. If this were to happen, the old bridge would most likely be closed.

Stender also reported that mattresses have been ordered for the bunks at the 4-H grounds and will need to have covers. The covers are washable and meet Health Department standards. Stender was asked to provide a total number of mattress covers, as well as a total price.

Commissioner David Kelly reported he would like to have ALICE training held at the courthouse. He will have to file a request with the sheriff’s office, as well as coordinate a time and date that is convenient for the courthouse staff to attend. ALICE training is a training designed to prepare the courthouse staff in the event of an active shooter. It was mentioned that there was an incident in the past where a person had threatened to go to their car and return with a gun, but Sheriff Weigle was able to intervene and stop the individual.

Sheriff Weigle requested funding for exterior lights for the sheriff’s office. Sheriff Weigle stated he had LED lights in mind, and Richard’s Electrical LLC would be installing the lights for the price of $2,150. The commission passed a motion, accepting the installation of the lights.

Cork Bowen and Chuck Feist updated the commissioners on their meeting with the Wetzel County Commission over the discussion of the roof repairs requested for the Industrial Park and Health and Recreation buildings in Paden City. Bowen informed the commissioners that the Wetzel County Commission is taking the topic under advisement. They also offered suggestions about service organizations that provide services to both Tyler and Wetzel counties that may be interested in renting space in the H&R Building. Bowen is waiting to hear a response from the Wetzel County Commission before moving forward.

The Paden City Police Department had previously requested funding for dash cameras for police cruisers. The cost is approximately $2,500 per unit with a request for four units.

The commissioners feel it is a necessity and are willing to help, but they asked advice from Prosecuting Attorney Luke Furbee about the proper way to handle the funding without “stepping on the toes” of the municipality. The commission will speak with the police department to work out details.

Prosecuting Attorney Luke Furbee requested funding for new carpet for the first floor of his office. The current carpet is duct-taped at the seams and has been a tripping hazard. Furbee is not concerned about appearance; he is just concerned about the safety of those entering the office. Commissioner Eric Vincent stated he will research price quotes and take care of the matter.

Katy Wells with Middlebourne EMS updated the commission on the ladies taking paramedic classes in Fairmont. Wells stated both girls are doing excellent, and one even made the Dean’s List. Wells also inquired about a county vehicle that the EMS could obtain for use as a first responders vehicle.

The commission does not have an extra vehicle at the moment, but once one becomes available, the EMS will receive it.

Tom Cooper of Tyler County OEM presented the commission with a bid sheet to be signed for the LED signs, which will be placed at the entrances of the county. He also inquired about being permitted to provide food at training events. He spoke with the auditor who told him that the purchases would need to be approved by the commission and documented for auditing purposes.

President Vincent reported that the county insurance had been updated through WVCoRp, and the policy will begin on July 1. He also announced that with the change in company, the county has saved nearly $40,000, and worker compensation for the county is less than $12,000.

The next Tyler County Commission meeting is scheduled for June 27, beginning at 9 a.m.