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Middlebourne Discusses Cemetery Upkeep

By Staff | Jun 20, 2018

At its June 11 meeting, Middlebourne City Council discussed the upkeep of the Stealey Cemetery. It was explained the FFA used to take care of the cemetery when Tyler County High School was still in operation, and there were some volunteers who maintained the grounds for a while. However, now, there is no one established to take care of the cemetery. It was explained since the Stealey Cemetery is a family cemetery, there is no title of ownership, so council could not establish who would pay for the project. Council discussed setting up funding for the job through Stealey Green funding; however, that would take time, and the funding would not be available this summer. Those interested in volunteering for the job may inquire at the city building on Stealey Street in Middlebourne, or by calling 304-758-4771.

There was a third reading of a bond ordinance for Middlebourne. The meeting was open to a public hearing to give residents the chance to ask questions about the ordinance. However, no residents were present, so the public hearing was then closed.

The bond will total $2 million. A motion passed to accept the third reading of the proposal.

There will be a finalizing meeting and supplemental resolution held on July 13; the water project documents will be signed and closed. City council members will need to be present to sign all of the documents.The topic of stray dogs was brought before council. There have been a few residents of Middlebourne complaining about dogs that have been getting out of their fences and acting aggressively toward people walking around town. There is no record of dog tax that has been paid on these animals, so ownership will be difficult to establish, even though the dogs have been fenced in. Council will send a letter of the city ordinance to the resident suspected of taking care of the animals. If the situation continues, then the Tyler County Sheriff’s Department may get involved and remove the dogs.

Other items discussed included:

The city building in Middlebourne will be closed on June 26 due to personnel being absent. There will be a sign posted reminding residents of the closure.

Mayor Seago will research obtaining gravel to fill holes located on Park and Fair Streets. There is a rough patch on Main Street as well, but that section of road is maintained by the state road.

The next Middlebourne City Council meeting will be held on Monday, July 9 beginning at 7 p.m. and located at the City Building on Stealey Street in Middlebourne.