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PSD Is Battling Erosion Issues

By Staff | Jun 13, 2018

The Tyler County PSD has been having issues with exposed water lines in the ditches along Paden Fork. PSD Manager Tina Lancaster will be contacting Josh Norris over the exposed line to see if the state plans on doing anything to fix the problem. The depth of the ditch has become a bit of a safety hazard as well. It was suggested to speak with gas companies about providing gravel to fill the ditch with. There are also exposed water lines close to Fluharty Addition due to all of the rainwater eroding the ground away, so the PSD is trying to get that fixed. The wet weather has been a battle for the PSD this year.

In other news, the Tyler County PSD board members met with representatives of Cerrone & Associates to discuss a sewer upgrade for the county. It was explained that with the sewer project, there will be approximately a 20-25 percent rate increase. It was also mentioned that there has only been two rate increases since 1985 with the last increase being in 2003.

They explained that right now is the time to start the planning for funding for the project. The USDSA is currently seeking out projects to fund. Last year, there were more requests than funding was available.

This year it is the opposite.

The board members approved a $.50 raise for Cody James for the completion of his Class I Water certification.

The PSD has been added to the Code Red Notification System that will be used to contact residents with emergency information.

The side entrance to the PSD has been graveled by Dave McEldowney and the gravel is still packing. The PSD will inquire about rail road ties to place along the road as well. The PSD has recently purchased new signs for the building which they have received and placed accordingly.

There is a sewer pit in Davenport and the customer wants damages covered by the insurance company. The sensor line had a crack in it and the pit would not fire on its own and there was some property damaged by the flooding. The incident has been reported to the insurance and the PSD is waiting on an answer.

The PSD has also contacted FEMA about the exposed water line on Elk Fork. The bill has been paid and the PSD would like reimbursed for the damages caused from a water line being exposed from flooding.

In another matter, the PSD is also looking to purchase emergency generators for when the power goes out. They would like to be able to use natural gas generators at the booster stations if possible. It was suggested to reach out to FEMA about the generators to see if they could help in any way.

The next scheduled Tyler County PSD meeting is set for June 18 beginning at 10 a.m. and located at the PSD building in Friendly.