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Paden City Continues To Face Water Problems

By Staff | Jun 13, 2018

Paden City held a city council meeting on Monday, June 4, which was Mayor Ken Stead’s last meeting as mayor. Council members were questioned by several residents in attendance about various water problems occurring around the city. Kelly Sine asked why nothing had been done with his daughter, Miranda Corcoran’s, property. Sine stated he felt “The ball got dropped.” He said he feels there should be a list or some form of documentation that shows who is responsible for completing certain tasks or projects.

Corcoran had brought in large chunks of asphalt to show the council members how badly the road is crumbling by her property. Corcoran claims, after even a small rain, you can clean enough debris to fill a side-by-side. She is also afraid she is going to start facing serious property damage due to the water flowing on her property. She has presented this problem to council several times in the past few months, and she feels that the problem is not being handled in a timely fashion.

Maintenance Superintendent Josh Billiter informed Corcoran that FEMA will be in Paden City on June 13, and he would take them to her property to see what kind of solution can be created. Workers may have to divert the water into a catch basin. He also stated people blowing their grass clippings into the streets has caused several drains to clog.

It was noted former mayor Joel Davis had asked Thrasher Engineering to take a look at Corcoran’s property before his resignation, so it was suggested to contact Thrasher to see if the firm has any suggestions.

Several members of Meadow Heights were also expressing water concerns. Residents on Meadow Heights claim they have little to no water pressure. They felt the recent water project should have fixed the problem of poor water pressure. There is a pump station set to be installed which will fix this problem, but when the city went to install the pump station, the water lines were not laid out the way the map had described it. Therefore, the project has been delayed, and the city is trying to locate water lines to determine where to install the pump station without infringing on any residents’ properties. The residents of Meadow Heights were not pleased. One lady stated she had been waiting for water pressure for 16 years now. She said she felt she had been lied to, that there is poor communication throughout the city, and the city has a lazy work crew. She had mentioned looking into a case of neglect against the city.

In another matter, a resident inquired about a building variance. He said his neighbor has placed a building on the property line which is preventing one resident from painting his fence. It was determined the city had issued the building variance and would not ask the guy to move his building. The city would ask the man to put a gutter on the building to divert the water off of the neighboring property.

Resident Tonya Shuler asked council members about a tree she would like cut from city property. The tree is infringing on her property, and she fears it may do damage if it falls on her fence. She was advised to petition council to close the alley, which would allow her to build her fence without closing out city property.In other news, the city decided it would begin issuing citations for vehicles that are blocking alleys. Also it was determined the city will ask for handicap parking renewals on a two year basis.

The city will begin paving streets. There is a list of roads that did not get paved last year. Those will be paved first.

There is an upcoming Main Street extension sewer project that will include replacing the lines with 10 inch lines. The city hopes to break ground in June.

In another matter, Chief Earl Kendle informed council one of his deputies will be taking a class at the academy in June.Also, it was reported there is a large wooden building on skids that is not within the five feet allowance provided in a city ordinance. After some discussion, it was decided the resident did not get proper permits, so council decided to send a letter to the resident explaining he will need to move his building, along with a copy of the ordinance.

The Park and Pool commission has purchase a new zero turn mower for the park. The commission also received a $500 check from one of the gas companies, so the city will be purchasing new playground equipment for the park. Park and Pool is also looking to purchase rubber mulch for the landscaping around the park through grant funding. Also, there is a church group from New Martinsville that would like to volunteer to help out around the park and pool area.

Under unfinished business, it was mentioned the city is looking into options of how to deal with delinquent bills. The city will review all ordinances to find out what can be done. There could be some extra reconnect fees implemented, or the city could come up with other alternatives. There were 114 violations issued recently, so the city wants to get this problem under control.The city has agreed to purchase water jugs for city workers at the city building. The water base was purchased by the workers. Council also passed a motion to bid out for a new phone system for the city building.

Quality Aluminum wrote a letter to the city requesting no parking signs on the south side of Wetzel Street. After some discussion, it was decided to deny the request. The city did not want to give residential parking spots away. A motion passed to raise Sheila Ervin and Diann Wright to their full time salaries for their positions. Ervin will receive $15.50 for being full time recorder, while Wright will make $13.56 at the full-time utility clerk position. They will begin receiving vacation and holiday time on July 1. They were also given permission to attend a two day Municipal/Association seminar in Charleston on July 17.A motion passed to hire Julie Efaw as of July 1 as a part-time person for the city building offices until the city can hire someone to fill the position. A motion also passed to pay Efaw the remainder of her vacation time as she doesn’t have the time to use it.

A motion passed to pay Ben Anderson for the remainder of of his unused vacation days for the 2018/2018 fiscal year. He has seven vacation days and five sick days.

Diana Cecil was given permission to hold an ALS walk at the park over alumni weekend in July. The Alumni Commission has also granted their permission. The next scheduled Paden City Council meeting will be held on Monday, July 2 beginning at 7 p.m. located at the city building.