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Sistersville High School Alumni Notes: A 2018 Weekend Wrap-Up

By Staff | May 30, 2018

Sistersville Class of 1968, with their parade float.

We had a Yabba Dabba Doo time and added another great alumni weekend into the history of the Sistersville High School Alumni Association! A job well-done to President Diane Rial-Rice, and her vice-presidents David Rial and Jaime Howard-Hissam!

Congratulations to our Golden Apple recipients, Dawn Knowlton and Robin Daquilante in recognition of their years of service and dedication to students at Sistersville Elementary School and with the Tyler County Education system. J. Eric Peters, Executive Director of the Tyler County Development Authority was inducted into the SHS Hall of Fame. And kudos to Rev. Mark Wood, our banquet speaker, for his hilarious and poignant keynote address. As always, it takes a “ville”age to put on this event year-after-year. The Alumni Association would like to thank the Sistersville Elks Lodge #333 for hosting our events and preparing and serving our banquet dinner and the First Baptist Church of Sistersville for the luncheon. To the Board of Directors and Officers, and many friends and family who pitch in to help with decorations and a host of other things. Our chapel speakers and the classes, both from SHS and Tyler Consolidated, for building great floats and decorating our downtown orange & black, and of course the best Alumni Band in the land! Thanks Kitty for hosting Band Camp! For the support of our businesses whose monetary support makes the SHS Alumni Supplement in the Tyler Star News possible, and to the Tyler Star News, and editor Lauren Matthews, in preparing and printing the supplement. To Janet Cline’s Tyler Consolidated Media Class for designing cover art for the supplement and program for us to choose from, and to the Tyler Consolidated Volleyball Team and Coach Tracy Summers for printing and assembling our program booklets. Special thanks to WVU Athletics, Independent Scentsy Consultant Tracy Heintzman, Sistersville Drug, Phillip’s Drug and Witschey’s Market for donating items for our raffle.

The 2018 winners are: 3rd Place Alumni Float, The Class of 1973. 2nd Place Alumni Float, The Class of 1993. 1st Place Alumni Float, The Class of 1978.

The President’s Trophy awarded for best theme representation and overall presentation was awarded to the Class of 1978. Rounding out ’78’s good fortune, Karen Kehrer-Lallathin won the 50/50 and Chuck Laugh won the WVU Raffle. The Best Non-Alumni Float Trophy was presented to the First Baptist Church of Sistersville. The Silver Knight Trophy was presented to the Tyler Consolidated Class of 1998 for best float entry in the parade. Mr. Bob Taylor, Class of 1963 received the award for Best Alumni Chapel Speech, the class’s first trophy in this category. The Silver Knight Award for Best Chapel Speech was awarded to Jacob Lohri, Tyler Consolidated Class of 2008. Tyler Consolidated was well represented at Chapel by Karen Folger-Casssidy, Class of 1998 and by 2018 Class President, Belle Camerlin. The best window display was awarded to the Class of 1978. The four-man golf scramble was won by Team Meeks. The Roy C. Heinlein Alumni Scholarship was awarded to Colby Slade Buchanan, son of Slade & Stacie Buchanan. Our farthest traveling alumus was Stephanie Sterns-Klug, Class of 1993. Class Banquet Attendance award went to the Class of 1993.

New President, David Rial, (or should we say “Hail! Caesar”) announced the theme for the 2019 Alumni Weekend… “SHS GREEK WEEK-end.” Jaime Howard-Hissam will move to 1st Vice-president. The Alumni Association welcomes Lisa Wood, Class of 1988, as newly elected 2nd Vice-president. Alumni weekend 2019 will be May 24-25.

The Sistersville High School Class of 1978 represents the alumni theme in style.

What I learned from SHS Alumni Weekend 2018:

Number 7: Those good looking boys in high school… make ugly women later in life.

Number 6: If you think the SHS Alumni Association will be ending our celebrations anytime soon… think again! (Thanks Dr. Amanda Myers-Nichols and the Class of 1993 for setting that straight!)

Number 5: We have the BEST alumni band… BAR NONE!

Number 4: Best line from Chapel… as a Silver Knight, I and my classmates, offer our Swords and Our Shields to all Tigers in the land. For we may protect your legacy and carry your tradition. Class of 2008-Jacob Lohri. (Jacob is the son of Mary Wright-Lohri and the late Eric Lohri. He is the grandson of Mrs. Doris Lohri.)

The Sistersville High School Alumni band marks alumni weekend.

Number 3: Time flys by… realizing the little boy you remember suddenly is being awarded the Roy C. Heinlein Alumni Scholarship and going off to college.

Number 2: Harriett Deuel Elliott, Class of 1933. At 102 she can recollect memories of SHS like they were yesterday, 85 years after her graduation.

Number 1: Our Alma Mater says it best… Dear SHS we pledge our loyalty, To you we owe our future yet to be. When we are gone, your memory will remain, Our years with thee have not been spent in vain! Come back next year Alumni… whether it’s your year or not!

Here is the speech by Jacob Lohri, Class of 2008:

Good morning. On Behalf of the Class of 2008, I’d like to first thank the Sistersville Alumni Association for inviting us to, once again, partake in this momentous weekend. A weekend when we get to live like the Flintstones where we hang out with our friends who are Dinosaurs and run around with our pants off. But also like the Flintstones, who showed us that loving friends and family was so easy even a caveman could do it.

Robin Daquilante, Golden Apple Recipient, rides the parade route.

It’s been 10 years since my class has made that early morning drive through Rt. 18 to that Silver Castle in Kidwell. 10 years since the largest class in school history roamed the halls of Tyler Consolidated. The Class of 2008 overcame the trials of tribulations of switching Principals, Coaches, conferences and teachers. We broke the rules and We broke hearts… we also broke records and expectations. Through it all, as big as we were, we stayed true to our foundation of friendship and school spirit. We won 3 Pep Rally’s in 4 years, We had All-State and All-Conference winners in Band, Choir, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Football and Wrestling. Our choir took 1st place at Kennywood, Cheerleaders were Runner-up in LKC Conference, Football won LKC Conference and finally after 15 years of operations, the Class of 2008 gave Tyler Consolidated their first Team State Championship in School history. We gave it all to our school.

Those days are now memories and mythical bar stories. Now are the days of adding to those memories and accomplishments. In High School, I watched my best friend sit and tell make-believe stories to his baby sister, 10 years later, I watch him tell make-believe stories to his baby daughter. In High School, I had beautiful Long Blonde Hair… 10 years later… boy did I really let all my classmates down. I’ve watched my classmates develop professionally and personally into individuals who made me proud. These individuals have turned into beautiful mothers, outstanding fathers, business owners, engineers, operators and nurses.

We were a generation of True 90’s kids that grew up watching Flintstones, eating Fruity Pebbles and taking Flintstone Vitamins. Now we’re the oldest aged millennials who look like the Flintstones, can only eat fruit and take any vitamin we can get. We were also a generation that grew up as Sistersville Tigers in our households and junior athletics. Most of our parents were graduates and/or employees of Old Sistersville High and I wouldn’t change it for the world. As, some would say, those were the good ole days and a foolish fictional character once said “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.” I stand before you today to tell you that we are in the good ole days and the class of 2008 will never let them go. So in conclusion, as a Silver Knight, I and my Classmates, offer our Swords and Our Shields to all Tigers in the land. For we may protect your legacy and carry your tradition. Have a wonderful Alumni and a Yabba Dabba Do to you too.