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Local Pastor Embarks on Bicycle Voyage of a Lifetime

By Staff | May 23, 2018

Pastor Troy Guild prepares for a 1,200 mile bicycle trip.

Pastor Troy Guild, of the Middlebourne Baptist Church, is preparing to embark on a bicycle voyage of, what some could see as, Biblical proportions. On Monday, June 4, Guild will be leaving the area to ride his bicycle 1,200 miles to Texas.

The thought of such a voyage might make a person’s legs ache. However Guild explained God has called him back to the mission field. God also put on Guild’s heart to bike 1,200 miles.

When Guild takes off, he plans on heading north to Columbus, west to Indianapolis, and then south to Texas. Guild’s family will be taking a different route. They will be staying with friends and family before meeting Guild in Texas. They will be in a familiar Texas town for about a week before before heading to their final destination of Colima, Mexico. “We love Tyler County and the people have been absolutely wonderful to us,” Guild said, but he noted he feels he is to go where God has directed him. He noted he cannot make the journey without God. God will provide for Guild along the way.

Guild has spoken with churches and other people who have agreed to sponsor his trip. Proceeds will go toward Guild’s mission trip in Mexico. The nonprofit mission in Mexico is called “Mission to the Children.”

Guild would like to have a great turnout for the sendoff on June 4, and he hopes the community will show up and offer its support as he embarks on his adventure.

Guild noted he will also be writing a book about his adventure titled, “1,200 Miles: A Journey of Faith.” Guild isn’t sure if he will even get the book published, but he will take notes along the way to document his journey. He feels the weeks ahead will make for a major learning experience.

Guild explained he will be departing Tyler County with $120 and will not be allowed to accept donations along the way, just food and housing. He will be dependent on God and people to provide housing, food or any other essential items he may need.

Guild explained he can accept cash, but only for food. The monetary amount must be used that day, so he does not become dependent on savings.

Guild will be unassisted, by himself; he is not contacting anyone to arrange for places to stay along the journey. Guild did note that he may have officers call to some of the sheriff stations along the way, just to send notification that Guild will be in the area.

As far as sleeping though, Guild will not be renting any hotels; he will take a tent and rely on the goodness of people to help him through.

Guild will take a pull behind trailer with him to carry items such as a tent, hammock, changes of clothes, and medical supplies. Guild stated, I’m not a writer or a cycler of any kind, so this came way out of left field.” He continued, “I haven’t ridden a bike in 10 years.”

Guild also mentioned that he will be out of his comfort zone, because it is not his nature to ask people for help. “There’s no way I could do this without God” added Guild. Guild stated his goal is to ride 50 miles per day for 24 days. He will be burning approximately 3,500 to 4,000 calories per day. Guild said, “I am afraid and scared, and if you take God out of the picture, it is a crazy, crazy thing for a 50-year-old man – who is not into cycling – to take on this adventure.”