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Prom Promise Teaches Students the Dangers of Drinking and Driving

By Staff | May 16, 2018

Photo by Chad Turner First responders gather at Tyler Consolidated to respond to a “mock” accident, in order to show kids the dangers involved in drinking and driving.

Prom Promise, a mock accident, was held at Tyler Consolidated on May 4 and served as an opportunity for students to become aware of the many risks involved with drinking and driving. The students gathered outside of the school where they could see first-hand a wreckage scene, put together by local first responders. The objective was to teach kids the dangers of drinking and driving, in the hopes of saving lives by deterring students from drinking and driving on Prom night, or any night.

Besides a well-constructed and realistic accident scene, the students were even given testimony by Officer Mitch Corley on the number of times he has had to regretfully call home to notify parents that their child has been involved in a vehicular accident. The Tyler County Sheriff’s Office also advised students not to drink and drive, or they could end up in jail.

Several TCHS students participated in the event itself by playing the roles of the accident victims. The wrecked vehicles were donated by Jackson’s Auto Towing in New Martinsville.