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Paden City Council Recognizes Officer Bailes for Heroism

By Staff | May 16, 2018

Paden City Officer Raphe Bailes was recently recognized for his life saving actions.

Paden City Council recently held its monthly meeting and began its proceedings on a positive note. The council honored Paden City Officer Raphe Bailes for recent heroic actions. It was noted a Paden City resident had fallen ill, and Officer Bailes’ fast action saved the person’s life, due to the fact the resident had bleeding on the brain.

In other council happenings, it was requested to advertise for a part-time dispatcher. The city is also looking to hire a part time office worker with a finance background, to start on July 1. It was discussed to hire two individuals and have them trained in dispatch, finances, and office work in the case of someone needing time off.

It was also mentioned if Wetzel County would switch on its 911 services for Paden City, it would help local officers. Officer Bailes stated he would speak with Wetzel County commissioners to find out about the option of 911 relief. A motion passed to hire one person for clerk and one person for dispatch and have them trained in all necessary fields.

Council members were asked about variances between property lines. There has been an issue with a resident who cannot get to his fence, to keep it maintained, due to a neighbor’s building. There was no documentation found of a building permit for the building that is in the way. Therefore, Mayor Ken Stead is going to speak with the resident to see if the building can be moved three feet to meet with variances. The building is on skids, so it should move easily. The item was added to next month’s agenda to take action.

Another resident inquired about how long it would take for the city to fix the sewer line in her yard. She brought the issue before council previously, but the matter has not been resolved yet. Mayor Stead explained the weather has been too wet, and there have been some water breaks which take precedence. He assured the woman the city would fix the problem as quickly as it can address it. The sewer had to be replaced, because roots from a pine tree had cause the line to close up.

There was another resident who spoke to council over a demolition permit. There is a house being torn down in town, which is taking longer than expected. The resident explained the house is a danger to those traveling a nearby alley. She also noted rats are invading neighboring properties.

Mayor Stead stated that he would look into the situation.

In other news, council approved a motion to pay the library the remainder of money budgeted to them for the 2017/2018 fiscal year – calculated at being approximately $5,000.

Under the Water, Streets and Maintenance report, Paden City is currently getting all of the baseball fields ready for the summer season. It was also reported there were three water breaks in the last month that had to be fixed.

The Meadow Heights project is progressing despite an issue with the booster station. There was a problem locating lines as they were not located where the map said they were. It was noted workers are also following procedures for filling in all of the holes on Meadow Heights, because the holes get filled, settle, and then need filled again.

The water project for Paden City is still progressing. The city is working with the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Council for an initial report which will take some time.

The street department wanted council to consider purchasing signs for the entrances of town, stating the requirement of a contractor or business license to work within city limits. There was much discussion, and it was decided not to purchase the signs as the information should be well known by any contractor.

The Park and Pool Commission announced it will not be building a Frisbee disc course or a miniature golf course. Instead, the commission will use the money donated from the Wetzel County Commission to purchase a zero turn mower for the park. The park and pool commission is also working on fundraisers to raise money for the park such as 3-on-3 basketball tournaments, cornhole tournaments, and a 5K.

Council approved the route for the Paden City Foundation 5K, to be held on June 2.

In another matter, the state auditor’s office suggested Paden City start paying their bills twice a month to prevent late fees. The duty of paying the bills has also been delegated to the Finance Committee.

A motion passed for Sheila Ervin and Diann Wright to attend an all day Utilities Class in Morgantown on May 31. The office will remain open in their absence.

Mayor Stead announced May as National Poppy Month to recognize those who have provided services for our country.

The next scheduled Paden City Council meeting will be on June 4 beginning at 7 p.m. and located at the city building.