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Britton Retires After 32 Years of Service

By Staff | May 16, 2018

Photo by Chad Turner Pictured from left are 911 Director Josh Fulks, Mike Britton, and Sheriff Brian Weigle.

After 32 years of service to Tyler County, Mike Britton has officially decided to retire. Britton has been the maintenance personnel/janitor for Tyler County’s offices, including the courthouse.

Britton explained he has seen a lot during his service to the county. He mentioned, when he first started his career, Gary Keller had just started his term as sheriff.

Britton chuckled, while noting, “I’ve seen a few sheriffs in my day.”

Britton also recollected the old county jailhouse that used to house prisoners. Britton would utilize some of the inmates to help him with his duties.

“They were willing to do anything to get out and help you.” Britton continued, “I had a lot of fun with those guys and got a lot of work out of them.”

Now that Britton is retired he will be spending a good bit of time in South Carolina, approximately 20 minutes from the beach. He will be renting an apartment for a while unless he decides to stay permanently. Britton said he is tired of the cold weather that West Virginia has to offer and is ready to put his toes in the sand. Britton stated he will miss the family that he leaves behind, but he will be back for visits. He added he has made several friends in his time at the courthouse.

He also wanted to thank the county commissioners, “They have treated me very good and have given me everything that I need.”

Britton will continue to do odd-jobs on the side. He enjoys painting homes in his free time, so he will continue to do so in South Carolina “to keep from getting bored.”