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PSD Requests Funding For Lines

By Staff | Apr 25, 2018

Tina Lancaster and Art Mason, with Tyler County PSD, met with the county commission to request funding for a water line replacement on Elk Fork. The existing water line has been washed away from the bank, due to recent flooding. The water line will be moved away from the creek, thus preventing future instances. The estimated cost of the project is $21,794.39, but with the current weather conditions, the PSD feels the line needs to be moved as soon as possible. Tom Cooper with the Tyler County Office of Emergency Management mentioned FEMA may cover the cost of the project, but if the commission paid for the project, FEMA may not reimburse. However, there was some concern FEMA make take too long to provide the necessary funding, and the project needs to be started as soon as possible. The commission agreed to discuss the topic further and add it on the agenda for the next meeting.It was announced Frontier will be running a 100 Meg line to Charleston to better send and receive information. The cost is $525 a month.

The courthouse was previously using a 10 Meg line at the cost of nearly $1,300, so the upgrade will make a big difference in internet performance, as well as save the county on costs.

The commission passed a motion to accept a five-year contract, saving the county approximately $800 a month or $9,600 a year. Sheriff Weigle informed council there will be a flag dedication at the sheriff’s office once the date has been determined. Mon Power has installed lights on the new building as well. Weigle requested a sign for the sheriff’s office.

Commissioner Eric Vincent thanked Weigle for the ALICE training provided to the churches throughout the community. Vincent feels the training is very valuable and educational, and he highly recommends more organizations throughout the county take advantage of training opportunities.

It was suggested that the Tyler County Courthouse go through a similar training drill.

The 911 Director Josh Fulks reported there was an incident with the circuit breaker in the Stealey Green Center, which inadvertently caused a power outage at the 911 center. The Stealey Green offered space to the 911 Center to possibly put in a new breaker box. Fulks also mentioned he will be needing his trailer back due to upcoming spring projects. The OEM offered to accommodate storing the air conditioners that are tying up the trailer.

Director Cooper reported there is a search management training scheduled, and he invited anyone with a search and rescue background to attend. Commissioner David Kelly spoke about attending the recent LEPC meeting and encouraged the public to attend future meetings to understand what emergency situations occur around the county. He also announced he had three portable air conditioning units to choose from, to be used in many of the courthouse offices. It was suggested to purchase one as a test unit before ordering a total of 10. The units will have to be vented, so the commission will figure out what measures to take to vent all of the units. A motion passed to purchase one unit to test.

Kelly also announced the county hired David West as a new maintenance worker and Barbara Anderson as the new custodian for the courthouse. Commissioner Kelly also announced there has been some concern about a county-wide noise ordinance. Kelly added it is not a topic that can be acted on immediately, but Prosecuting Attorney Luke Furbee is looking into the best-case scenario for the county. Several questions arose over the concern of how enforceable the ordinance would be. It was suggested to look into other counties to use as a precedence for the newly proposed ordinance.

Luke Peters with the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Council presented additional forms to be signed for the Broadband Proposal Grant and Route 18 South Water Project. James Swiger with WYK Associates presented a contract to the commissioners to be signed and a copy given to the prosecuting attorney. He also stated that the plans for the 4-H cabin has been delivered to the Fire Marshal for approval. There will be a pre-bid meeting held April 26 at the 4-H grounds beginning at 10 a.m. The project will then be put out to bid. Swiger explained that there had to be one change dealing with a ramp being in the flood plain. That design was fixed to accommodate the flood regulations. Swiger will also be replacing the windows in the old sheriff’s office since Tyler 911 will be moving into the building.

Commission President Eric Vincent reported there will be a spring auction held, but the date has yet to be determined. Three architects sent in their information to the commission to be selected as the architectural firm that will be overseeing an upcoming project.

Finally, a motion passed to purchase an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) to house at the 4-H grounds in the case of an emergency.

The next Tyler County Commission meeting is scheduled for April 25 beginning at 9 a.m. and located at the courthouse in Middlebourne.