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Tyler County PSD: Now Available Online

By Staff | Apr 11, 2018

The Tyler County PSD recently held its monthly meeting, and board members were informed the new website will be active and operating soon. The website will offer an online bill payment option and will contain tampering notices, termination notices, consumer reports, high-usage checklist, water and sewer rates, boil orders, and other valuable information. The website can be found at www.tylercountypsd.com

The debit card payment option is now available online, and an auto-pay option is available, so water and sewer bills can automatically be withdrawn from an account. There is also an 800-number available, so customers can pay their bills by telephone. If a customer has received a termination notice, he or she will be instructed to contact the PSD office to make sure payment is correct. If a customer’s water has been shut off, he or she will have to visit the office before getting the water turned back on.

The PSD is also looking into its own phone notification system in order to better notify customers in the event of a boil order, leak, or other situation.The PSD is waiting for a report on pricing to replace water lines on Elk Fork. The PSD has also reached out to a landowner to see if a water line can be installed over the hillside, to avoid running the line through the creek bank. The landowner said the two entities could probably work out an agreement, but until the cost of the project is determined, the matter is on hold.

The PSD Board members passed a motion to purchase new signs for the facility, to replace the old signs labeled “Friendly PSD” to new signs labeled “Tyler County PSD.” The cost will be approximately $150 per sign.

A motion also passed to purchase new computers for the PSD. The old computers are starting to develop functioning issues which will lead to problems in the future. Therefore, the the PSD decided to install new computers as preventative maintenance from further problems. The new computers will also be linked, allowing for multiple tasks to be performed at once in order to be more efficient. The total cost for the new computers is approximated at $2,200 which includes two computers and the interface.

There was also a motion passed approving Tina Lancaster and Ginny Greathouse as notaries for the PSD. There is currently one person who is a notary, and she is usually stationed at the office. Having more notaries will save on time and driving, which will also improve efficiency.

Quotes for upgrading the PSD building’s side entrance were presented to the board members, and the cost was estimated at $14,000 to asphalt the road, or $2,400 to gravel the road. The PSD decided to approve the estimate for graveling the road. The gravel will be laid about four-inches thick. Railroad ties will also line the road, to keep the gravel in place, as well as to keep individuals from driving through the grass.

There was a leak in Davenport caused by a worn service line, but PSD personnel was able to fix the leak with no problems. There was also a leak on Paden Fork that occurred due to rusted bolts around an isolation valve. The PSD believes there is a soil condition, which is causing the bolts to rust out, due to the fact issues are excluded to one location. It was also noted the PSD will have to purchase new O-rings because leaks cause the O-rings to stretch out.

The fire hydrant in Paden City has been replaced and is operational. The old hydrant is made of cast iron, so the PSD is searching for a place to properly dispose of the hydrant.

The next Tyler County PSD meeting will be held on April 23, located at the PSD Office in Friendly and beginning at 3 p.m.