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Wet Weather Causing Ground Slips Throughout Tyler County

By Staff | Apr 4, 2018
Wet weather caused a slide, creating damage to the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.
The road’s foundation is slowly being washed away on Sellers Road.

Wet weather has caused several ground slips throughout Tyler County this winter and spring. Weather had previously wreaked havoc when it caused Route 2 to be closed after a mud slide covered the road between Sistersville and Paden City.

There are locations where many roads have been reduced to one lane because of ground slippage, such as on Route 18 between A.I Boreman Elementary and the Tyler County 4-H Grounds; there is also slippage approximately two miles out Sellers Road.

Recently, the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Sistersville has had a retaining wall slip; this has caused mud and stone to collide with the building, causing damage. St. Paul’s is one of the older churches in Sistersville, being founded in 1885. Many residents are concerned about the well being of the church.

Tyler Countians are urged to be cautious while out driving on roadways with weak foundations, or while out working on property with potential ground shifts.