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TCHS/TCMS Perform in Solo and Ensemble Festival

By Staff | Mar 28, 2018

First row: Zack Jones, Isaac Melvin, George Kester, Shawn Jones; Second Row: Emily Lancaster, Mackenzie Perine, Samantha Barnhart, Anna Griffith, Cheyenne Ferrell; Third Row: Abigail Ebert, Emily Jackson, Hailey Tanner, Abi Ice, Sadie Nichols, Dakota Jones, Maddie Ice, Savannah Ferrell, Nachelle Probst, Mackenzie Drake; Fourth Row: Ted Stackpole, Matthew Riddle, Makenzie Kimble, Rachel Thomas, Kimmy Owens, Anna Griffith, Kaytlyn Henthorn, Mr. Jennings

The Tyler Consolidated High School and Middle School Bands recently hosted two recitals for band members who participated in in the West Virginia Music Educators Association’s Solo and Ensemble Festival. Twenty-six students in grades 6-8 performed on Tuesday, March 13, and 24 band members in grades 9-12 performed on Friday, March 16. In all, 50 musicians in the Knights Band program participated in the event this year the most of any school in the region. The recitals, held in the auditorium at Tyler Consolidated gave family and friends a chance to hear these talented young musicians perform.

The actual Solo and Ensemble event for this region was held on Saturday, Jan. 27 at West Liberty University. After performing for a judge, students received a rating that reflected the quality of his or her performance. All Knights Band members received ratings of “superior,” “excellent,” or “good.” One student, Autumn Shepherd was even named a state honors finalist only the second in the school’s history.

Following is a list of middle school students who participated this year, their instrument, and the musical selection that they performed for adjudication. 6th Grade soloists: Haydn Montgomery, flute, “Cradle Song,” (W.A. Mozart); Hailey Tanner, Flute, “Peasant Dance,” (Dorothy Garrett and Fred Weber); Aiden Swan, Trumpet, “Gladiator,” (Forrest L. Buchtel); Harley Yeater, Tuba, “Carnival,” (Timothy Johnson); Kaylee Haught, Trombone, “The Marshal,” (Leonard B. Smith). 7th Grade soloists: Autumn Shepherd (State Honors Finalist), Clarinet, “Gypsy Moods,” (Nilo W. Hovey); Gwen Jacenkiw, Alto Saxophone, “Aria and Scherzo,” (Andrew Fox); Abbigail Kimble, Trombone, “Emerald,” (Vander Cook); Peyton Hayes, Trombone, “Ruby,” (Vander Cook); Kaci Shanabarger, Trumpet, “Air for Cornet,” (Herman Vincent); Jesse Griffith, Trombone, “Moonlight Shadows,” (Paul Tanner); Kellen Franks, Alto Saxophone, “Baroque Suite,” (G.F. Handel); Mason Nichols, Trumpet, “Meadowlark,” (Vander Cook); Brody Seckman, Trumpet, “The Victor,” (Vander Cook). 8th Grade soloists: Shauna Riggs, Trumpet, “English Suite for an American Trumpet,” (John Klein); Makenzie Hakes, Horn, “I Attempt from Love’s Sickness to Fly,” (Henry Purcell); Ayden Hoover, Trombone, “Turquoise” (Vander Cook).

In addition, TCMS was represented by three ensembles. A flute quartet consisting of Kashia Brown (7th), Hailey Tanner (6th), Haydn Montgomery (6th), and Raylynn Roberts (7th) performed “Menuett,” by Joseph Bodin de Boismortier. Madeline Cecil (8th), Emily Ebert (7th), Trinity Kanz (7th), and Madeline Tarnecki (8th), performed “Nineteen Duos, No. 1,” by Francois Devienne. Lastly, a clarinet quartet comprised of 8th graders Kate Gorrell, Abi Ice, and Dakota Jones, along with 7th grader Autumn Shepherd performed “Alleluia and Chorale,” by Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina and Felix Mendelssohn.

The following high school students participated in solo and ensemble this year. Their instrument, grade, and musical selection is provided. Freshmen soloists: Isaac Melvin, Snare Drum, “Diddles-R-Us,” (Edward Freytag); Savannah Ferrell (All-State Band Member), Bass Clarinet, “Minuet and Gigue,” (J.S. Bach); Sadie Nichols, Clarinet, “Gavotte,” (J.S. Bach); Madeline Ice, Clarinet, “Serenade,” (Forrest L. Buchtel); Matthew Riddle (All-State Orchestra Member), Tuba, “Air and Bouree,” (J.S. Bach). Sophomore soloists: Shawn Jones, Snare Drum, “What a Drag!” (Edward Freytag); George Kester, Snare Drum, “Totally Stoked,” (Staci Stokes); Nachelle Probst, Trumpet, “Baroque Suite,” (Tartini and Buononcini). Senior soloists: Cheyenne Ferrell, Timpani, “Jazz Timptations,” (Brian Bailey, TCHS Percussion Instructor); Ted Stackpole, Trombone, “Garnet,” (Vander Cook); Makenzie Kimble, Trumpet, “Adagio and Allegro Marziale,” (G.F. Handel); Mackenzie Drake, Tenor Saxophone, “Intermezzo,” (Paul Koepke); Shianne Ferrell, Flute, Sonata in F Major (G.P. Telemann).

First Row: Peyton Hayes, Mason Nichols, Brody Seckman; Second Row: Harley Yeater, Kaylee Haught, Kaci Shanabarger, Gwen Jacenkiw, Haydn Montgomery, Raylynn Roberts, Kashia Brown, Emily Ebert, Madeline Cecil, and Aiden Swan. Third Row: Shauna Riggs, Abbi Kimble, Kellen Franks, Jesse Griffith, Ayden Hoover, Makenzie Hakes, Trinity Kanz, and Madeline Tarnecki

In addition to these soloists, three ensembles represented the Knights Band. A saxophone trio of consisting of Samantha Barnhart, (Alto, sophomore), Anna Griffith, (Tenor, sophomore), and Mackenzie Perine, (Alto, freshmen) performed “Pavane,” by Maurice Ravel. Abigail Ebert (freshmen) and Emily Jackson (junior) formed a flute duet and performed “Allemande” by Henry Purcell. Lastly, the TCHS Percussion Ensemble performed “Backroads of Medellin” by Chris Brooks. Members of this group are: Zack Jones (senior), Cheyenne Ferrell (senior), Emily Lancaster (junior), George Kester (sophomore), Shawn Jones (sophomore), Isaac Melvin (freshmen), Anna Grimes (sophomore), Rachel Thomas (sophomore), Kimmy Owens (sophomore), and Kaytlyn Henthorn (sophomore).

Preparing 50 students for their performance required a lot of extra instruction from individuals other than the director. Matt Jennings, Knights Band director would like to the following individuals who provided piano accompaniment for the soloists: Maggie Fisher, Rusty Keplinger, Jillann Westbrook, and Amy Yeater. In addition, is very appreciative of the help of Brian Bailey, Anna Carpenter, and Sally Conklin for providing private instruction to the students.