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Results Released For Social Studies Fair

By Staff | Mar 21, 2018

Tyler County Schools has released the results of its school, county-level, and regional Social Studies Fair. Listed below are the school results. All first place school projects moved on to the county level. Names bolded and italicized mark those whose projects made first place at the county level.

School Results:

AIB Grades 3-5 – listed by name, type and category, and name of project

First Places:

* Josie Reed, Individual Sociology, Barbie, a role model?

* Morgan Fisher, Individual World History, The Eiffel Tower

Second Places:

* Abigail Eddy and Ava Mongold, Group State and Local Studies, The Greenbrier Ghost

* Joshua Stine, Individual Economics, LEGO: The Most Popular Toy in the World

Third Places:

* Erin Christophel, Individual Geography, Mount Rushmore: Why Were The Black Hills Chosen For This Giant Carving?

Honorable Mentions:

* Rebecca Tenney, Individual Anthropology, Dr. Drew and Blood Transfusion History

* Cole Moore, Individual State and Local Studies, Battle of Gettysburg

* Landon Boggs and Brody Nice, Group U.S. History, History of Basketball

SES Grades 3-5 – listed by name, type and category, and name of project

First Places:

* Ben Powell, Individual Economics, Nike: From Hobby to World Brand

* Beau Thomas and Trenton Weber, Group Economics, What’s the Cost of Getting Lost?

* Jasmine Henthorn, Individual Sociology, Is Cheerleading a Sport?

* Kyra Nolan and McKenzie Utt, Group Sociology, JoJo Siwa: Rise 2 Fame

* Ralynn Heintzman, Individual State and Local Studies, WV Ghosts

Second Places:

* Jackson Smith, Individual US History, The Liberty Bell

* Nadia Turner, Individual US History, The Biltmore Story

Third Places:

* Brody Giovinazzo, Individual World History, Events Leading to the End of WWII

Tyler Consolidated High School – listed by name, type and category, and name of project

First Places:

* George Kester, Individual U.S. History, My Hero

* Hattie Murphy and Sabrina Smith, Group World History, Valkyrie: The Best of Luck

At the March 17 regional fair, Kyra Nolan and Mckenzie Utt received an Honorable Mention for their sociology project – “JoJo Siwa.” Ben Powell received a third place award for his economics project – “Nike.” Beau Thomas and Trenton Weber were awarded a second place for their economics project on “What’s the Cost of Getting Lost?”

Finally, Tyler County has three projects that received a first place medal.

These students will have the honor of representing Tyler County at the State Social Studies Fair on April 27 at the Charleston Civic Center. Jasmine Henthorn won first place for her sociology project – “Is Cheerleading a Sport?” George Kester received a first place for his US History project – “My Hero.” Hattie Murphy and Sabrina Smith received a first place on “Operation Valkyrie” a World History Project.