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King Eyes House Seat For W.Va. House District 6

By Staff | Mar 14, 2018


Sistersville Councilman Alex King is asking for your help to become the next Republican representative for WV House of Delegates, District 6. With energy and enthusiasm, the twenty-nine-year-old plans to serve your interests at the capitol.

“We have some great leadership in this area, but there’s still a disconnect between people and representatives,” King said. “I hear about it and have experienced it firsthand. From town to county to state, people are coming forward with ideas and concerns that other officials won’t listen to or take seriously. As Delegate, I’m not going to be paid $20,000 a year just to attend legislative sessions and vote for a few months. I’ll work for and with you, in Charleston and at home, all year round.”

King’s focus for his first two years in office will be: cutting taxes; growing jobs; improving options for Internet, cell service, cable service, and landlines; changing/cutting burdensome regulations; and creating opportunities for youth.

“So many talented young people in this area talk about wanting to leave here. I’m not downing anyone for following opportunities elsewhere, but people shouldn’t be so eager to go. We need to create opportunities here, so more of our friends and family members can stay and come back home.”

King’s work in public service began as an employee of the City of Sistersville, continued as a substance abuse prevention coordinator for Westbrook Health Services, and still continues as activities director for Middlebourne Parks & Recreation, a job he loves. In addition to council, King is also an active member of the Sistersville Park Board and the Sistersville Ferry Board. He wants his role in Charleston to be an extension of the hard work that residents put into our communities.

“Our residents are amazing, working full-time jobs or multiple part-time jobs, plus volunteering to maintain the wonderful things we have. We need a Delegate who recognizes that spirit and wants to expand options and opportunities for our small towns and communities. When our residents are striving to keep things alive, our elected officials should be fighting to make everything thrive.”

King enjoys communicating with people and wants to hear from you now and while he is in office. His address is 715 Main Street, Sistersville, WV 26175; his email is alexking4wv@gmail.com; and his phone number is 304-771-8835.

Like and follow his campaign, see more details about him, and learn about his ideas at facebook.com/king4wvhouse.