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Thor Bringing the Thunder To Sistersville Police Department

By Staff | Mar 7, 2018

Sistersville’s Police Department is looking to make some renovations to Police Chief Rob Haught’s vehicle so that Haught’s police dog, Thor, can comfortably ride along. Thor is currently riding along in a plastic kennel that he is starting to outgrow; with a new kennel, Thor can ride more comfortably during patrols.

Haught stated, “I wanted to make sure that Thor was going to work out before making permanent alterations to a cruiser.” When asked about Thor’s progression, Chief Haught replied, “He is way ahead of the curve right now, and I am constantly amazed with what he can do.”

The current riding conditions for Thor are not particularly safe; Haught wants to install a K-9 insert in his cruiser. The backseat of the cruiser will be replaced with a kennel and a cage. The door panels and windows will be covered so Thor cannot chew on the doors or jump out of the windows.

Furthermore, a heat alarm will be installed in the cruiser, so if the temperature gets higher than the pre-set temperature, the windows will automatically roll down, in order to provide Thor with some fresh hair.

The estimated cost for these upgrades is $2,500; the Sistersville PD is accepting donations. Anyone interested in helping may send donations to: Sistersville Police Department, 200 Diamond St., Sistersville, WV, 26175 Attention K9 Unit Fund, or donations may be dropped off at Sistersville’s city bulding.