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County Commissioners Searching for Alternate Poll Workers

By Staff | Mar 7, 2018

Tyler County Commissioner David Kelly recently presented a list of names of poll workers for the 2018 primary election. The county is still looking for alternative poll workers. There are a total of 60 workers for the county (5 per precinct over 12 precincts). There is a mandatory training class to be held the third and fourth week in April. The training will be held at the Tyler County Courthouse. A motion passed accepting the proposed poll workers.

Kelly also mentioned that, with the installation of the new courthouse windows, the building has been holding heat, and there have been some complaints of it being too warm. Therefore, it was suggested that the commissioners look into free standing A/C units as to avoid damaging the new window frames. OEM director Tom Cooper mentioned that he has some free standing units for the commissioners to try before purchasing new ones.

Commission Vice-President John Stender reported that the elevator in the Senior Citizens Center is in need of being replaced. The basement of the Senior Center is used in emergency situations for the schools and the OEM. He presented a quote from DC elevators in the amount of $20,000 for installation.

Stender also mentioned that the 4-H grounds civil site cost will be $10,970 and that is for the surveying and designing of the new boys dorm. There are plans to move onto phase 2 which would be upgrading the girls facilities but that project will not be started until the boys dormitory is finished.

Commission President Eric Vincent stated that he attended a meeting for bad buildings. It was mentioned that 8 counties could go together to pay for the services of a building inspector. This will allow for a push in cleaning up the region and the removal of dilapidated buildings. Prosecuting Attorney Luke Furbee mentioned that the commissioners could remove building through a nuisance ordinance but then the county would br responsible for funding the removal.

Vincent also brought up the architectural solicitation request for qualifications which is a letter explaining the qualifications for any interested businesses to apply to do work to the county courthouse. Applications are due by March 20, by 4 p.m.

It was brought up that Paden City has requested a new vehicle. However, Tyler County Courthouse has just received the latest vehicle to be handed to the county so Paden City will be next on the list.

The Commission further discussed placing a fence around the county home. The work was going to originally be done by volunteers. However, in an effort to get the fence installed properly and to assure that it would be up before fair season, the commission agreed to have Alco install the fence for the price of $13,806. The price includes labor, materials, and installation.

It was announced that the MOVRC has received a grant for broadband planning in the amount of $30,000. A motion passed for Commission President Eric Vincent to sign acontract to begin working on a broadband plan.

A motion passed for Commission President Vincent to sign a Memorandum of Oil and Gas Lease with Antero for the small section of property across from Boreman Elementary.

Tom Cooper with the OEM presented a grant reimbursement for radios purchased for Paden City. Paden City will now have better communication with the Sistersville Police Department and other emergency workers.

A motion passed to sign the reimbursement request.

Lombardi construction is finishing up their work in the Tyler County Courthouse. A card reader will be installed in the coming week and the courthouse has been given 50 blank cards to program to the card reader. The cards can be programmed with restrictions such as when a person would be allowed to enter the building and the reader will keep of a log of who enters the building and at what time.

The next Tyler Counjty Commission meeting is scheduled for March 14 beginning at 9 a.m. and located at the Tyler County Courthouse.