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TCDA Receives Update On Broadband Project

By Staff | Feb 28, 2018

At its Feb. 15 meeting, the Tyler County Development Authority was informed by Executive Director Eric Peters that the authority has received a $30,000 Community Development Block Grant to be used toward the Broadband Initiative project’s planning and research. The project was planned, researched, and proposed to the state legislature. Some counties have even received grant funds to begin building infrastructure. The future tasks of the Development Authority will include writing a formal agreement with the Tyler County Commission, establishing a working group to handle planning of the project, and considering a consultant contract to research and look into the legal steps that would be needed to form a co-op.

This project could potentially be tied in with the county’s upcoming water project, to keep from having to dig along water lines to place conduit for broadband. In fact, there is federal legislation being considered called “Dig Once” – anytime new poles or water structures are being put in place, conduit will be required to be installed, for broadband.

In other news, the Development Authority passed a motion to extend the contract of Eric Peters for the 2018 year.

It was announced that there are still no known firms interested in the Real Alloy property located at Bens Run.

Also, demands from CSX have stopped. Peters mentioned two potential customers have been sent to CSX, and these companies may help meet the requirements of usage for CSX. Proviron is also still using the rail system, but it is not providing the numbers CSX demands.

There was nothing new to report in regard to the Appalachian Storage Hub. Discussion has quieted for now, but the TCDA was informed this does not mean that progress has slowed down.

The next scheduled Development Authority meeting is booked for March 15, directly following the Planning Commission meeting. These meetings are held at the Tyler County Courthouse in Middlebourne.