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4-H Grounds Showing Improvements

By Staff | Feb 28, 2018

Photo Provided A view of the new exterior and new heating and air conditioning units added to the 4-H facilities.

The Tyler County 4-H grounds have received several modifications lately, with more to come. The Assembly Hall has had a new makeover with new exterior siding and a staircase leading upstairs. There was also some exterior siding left over which was used on the girl’s dorm and the picnic pavilion so that the buildings all match. There are also new heating and air conditioning units attached to the Assembly Hall which will also provide heating and air to the other buildings as well. The purpose is to make the facilities usable year round while keeping up with State Fire Marshal codes.

The Assembly Hall has also had a new deck built on the backside of the building which will be handicap accessible. There are also plans of putting new tin roof on the Assembly Hall. Grants will be applied for in order to do new work on the interior of the Assembly Hall. The plan is to get barn siding to redo the interior walls. The fireplace will also be replaced with an electric fireplace, and there will be a 50-inch television installed above the mantle to have for those who wish to rent the facility for training courses or other programs.

The facilities are available for rent all year round with several weddings and events already scheduled. With the recent, more modern upgrades, it has certainly become a popular wedding venue. The Assembly Hall provides the much needed space, while the cabins provide sleeping quarters for friends and families.

There are plans for building a new boys cabin which will hopefully be complete by the time camp begins in June. The new cabin will come with a brand new restroom and showers, bunking area, nurse’s station and a room for the county extension agent.

Many local businesses have been helping on providing supplies for the renovations at low cost to the county. Ace Hardware has provided siding, while the Farmer’s Exchange has provided paints; King’s Corner has provided bunk beds and mattresses.

There will be 115 bunk beds total. The frames have all been purchased, and so far 50 mattresses have been purchased with plans on buying the rest in the near future.

There are fundraisers planned to help out with the some of the costs of the renovations. The Tyler County Commission has donated a great deal of funds, but the 4-H leaders feel that they also need to do what they can to help themselves.

The 4-H leaders will be holding Bingo on March 16 in Sistersville to raise funds to put toward mattress covers. Tickets are available now at a price of $20 for 20 games for early purchases or $25 at the door. Also, there will be a Spaghetti Dinner at the 4-H grounds on April 28 to raise funds toward new mattresses. Any donations from any members of the community would be greatly appreciated.