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Senior Center To Receive Elevator

By Staff | Feb 7, 2018

The Tyler County Senior Center is in the process of acquiring a new elevator. The project will cost an estimated $20,000, which includes the removal of the old elevator and the installation of a new one. The existing elevator is no longer manufactured, and the company is not willing to make the replacement part. Also, the state has changed the guidelines regarding elevators, and the current elevator is no longer considered a commercial elevator. Local plants have offered to fabricate the part to replace the missing piece; however, the elevator company will not allow that. The elevators are inspected by two different inspectors and parts can only be replaced by a qualified elevator company.

The elevator has been out of order for close to a year because senior center management was first told the elevator company would replace the part. However, the company had later informed the center that they could not make the part which delayed the replacement process. The center also had a difficult time receiving quotes for new elevators because there were no companies that would give a quote due to changes on the state level. A company in Charleston called DC Elevators was finally ale to provide the center with a quote.

Tyler County Commissioner John Stender visited the center to investigate the problem himself. He then told the center that he would take care of the problem. Also, Proviron has donated $500 to be used toward the elevator project.

There has to be a $10,000 deposit before the DC Elevators will begin the project. If something were to happen, in which the senior center could not come up with the money, the center would have to submit a request to the Stealey-Green Community Fund for funds, as well as hold a fundraiser.