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Tyler County Declared A Purple Heart County

By Staff | Jan 31, 2018

At the Jan. 24 Tyler County Commission meeting, Commissioner David Kelly stated he had been presented an military order of Purple Heart proclamation which would declare Tyler County a county which recognizes the honorary Purple Heart badge for soldiers who have been wounded or killed in the battle field.

Kelly stated, “Honoring veterans is a very important thing to me, never forget the sacrifices that they’ve made for this country.” He continued, “A lot of people in this county knows somebody who has been impacted by a war, and so I believe this is a good thing.” The petition is to raise awareness to the sons and daughters of the county who have given their lives or were wounded in combat to provide the freedoms that all Americans enjoy. It was added that Tyler County residents have been engaged in every war against a declared enemy of the United States, including the war of the nation’s independence. Tyler County also has a large number of residents who have been awarded the Purple Heart medal for wounds received in combat.

In another matter, Tyler County Office of Emergency Management Director Tom Cooper reported that he recommended the “Five Points” area tower for use of Statewide Interoperable Radio Network (SIRN) radios, to help provide better radio coverage throughout the county.

There is also a MonPower tower available that could also provide excellent coverage for the county, but it will be more costly to use the space on that particular tower for the SIRN radios.

The SIRN radios are being used by EMS, Fire Departments, Sheriff’s Department, and even the bus garage, so the county is looking to provide the best possible coverage available. Sheriff Weigle stated, ” I think it is very important for us to have coverage in all areas of the county especially when it comes to transporting prisoners.”

Cooper also informed the commission of a stream clean-up project that will be available to Tyler County. The project will be funded through disaster funds and will provide job opportunities for local residents at no expense to the county.

Sheriff Weigle reported that he needs to purchase two doors for the new sheriff’s office. He will present an invoice to the commission upon installment.

Josh Fulks, 911 director, reported that he had received a bid to remove a gate and have it replaced with a wall and door for approximately $2,400. He is also waiting on a quote for two doors.

Commissioner John Stender reported that the Joe Mclaughlin property was given a proposal of $70,000 for purchase by the commission; this proposal was accepted. The goal is to purchase the property to aid with the annexing construction of the courthouse, to provide more space for expansion and more parking. He also reported, in regards to the 4-H grounds, that the girls dorm has one 50 gallon water heater to supply hot water for all of the showers. He feels that this is not big enough and that campers and staff are often left taking cold showers in the mornings. He mentioned there is plenty of gas available, and there was some discussion of a continuous hot water tank for the girls dorm. Something similar will be done when the boys dorms are rebuilt. However, this project will have to be put on hold until the boys dorm is built to the Fire Marshal’s standards.

A motion passed allowing Commissioner Eric Vincent to sign the title for Sistersville EMS’ old ambulance so that it could be sold. Sistersville EMS recently purchased a new ambulance. He also named the 2018 ballot appointments and they are Heather Seago (D) and Tim Jackson (R).

The WYK contract is needing some adjustments made to it, and Assistant Prosecutor Rachel Cornell stated there was some language to be changed, such as one section referring to construction being under Ohio law. She also mentioned there were some questions with the limits of liability and with a project of this magnitude, Prosecuting Attorney Luke Furbee would like to seek outside counsel to assist with the case. The commissioners agreed that time should be taken to make sure things are done correctly and with all of the purchasing of land, engineering, and plans to be finished, construction will not take place for over a year. The commission wants to make sure the topic does not have to be revisited at a later time.

Stacy Leasure, of Antero, presented a lease to the commission that had been discussed with Prosecuting Attorney Luke Furbee. The lease is for the property across the road from the Tyler County Fairgrounds. There was some language in the lease that needed to be changed, and Assistant Prosecutor Cornell mentioned that the offered royalties is 19 percent which comes to $4,000 per acre. She mentioned that the prosecutor wants to add language that states that everyone is bound by the restricted covenant of the deed, which he is willing to propose.

A motion passed declaring that the Tyler County Commission positions remain the same which are Eric Vincent as President and David Kelly as Vice-President. Also, the Tyler County Commission Committee appointments were stated and they are as follows: Extension Service, Eric Vincent; Economic Planning Commission, David Kelly; Elections, all three commissioners; Libraries, David Kelly; 911, Eric Vincent; Homeland Security/OEM, David Kelly; MOVRC, Eric Vincent; Animal Control, Eric Vincent; Senior Citizens/Nutrition, John Stender; Workforce Investment Board, David Kelly; American with Disabilities Act, Eric Vincent; Drug Free Workplace Coordinator, David Kelly; Communication Towers, John Stender; Core Security, John Stender; Tyler PSD, David Kelly; LEPC, David Kelly; 4-H/Volunteer Association, John Stender; Budgte/Finance Committee, all three commissioners.

The next scheduled Tyler County Commission meeting is scheduled for Feb. 14, 9 a.m., located at the Tyler County Courthouse.