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Plans Set For Tyler County Veterans Book

By Staff | Jan 25, 2018

Amy Brown, with the Tyler County Public Library in Middlebourne, is searching for veterans and war heroes throughout Tyler County. Brown hopes to write a book, detailing the many stories of bravery that have impacted the country and community. Family members may also give details of stories that have been told from deceased war heroes. Brown stated, “I know there are a lot of wonderful veterans in the area, and these stories need told. We don’t want them lost.” She continued, “I met a lady at Walmart who flew planes in Vietnam, and I thought to myself, ‘Wow!'”

Brown mentioned that people may have to be patient with her, because this is a new approach for her. If there is a huge submission of information, it may take a while to give these stories the justice they deserve. She also mentioned that if someone does not have the time to sit with her, she will accept e-mails and Facebook messages. You may submit suggestions to tylercountylibrary@gmail.com or comment to the library Facebook page at Tyler County Public Library. She emphasized she would like the stories to be as accurate as possible.

Brown got the idea from an author in Moundsville, Gary Rider, who has also been writing about veterans from Marshall County. In fact, there was such an out pour of veterans who have come forward, Rider is up to volume eight in the series, and one series alone features 131 men and women. Therefore, there is a great potential to make a wonderful book showcasing patriots and heroes of Tyler County.