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Planning Committee Updates Public on Project

By Staff | Jan 24, 2018

The Tyler County Planning Committee met recently and informed the public on the update of the Route 18 South Water Project. There haven’t been too many changes; however, the Small Cities Block Grant for Fiscal Year 2018 has been submitted. The announcements have not been made yet from the governor, as to will receive the funding. The $894,800 from the USDA is still in place, so the Small Cities Block Grant will not have to be the first money available. That project is listed as seventh out of 60 regional projects submitted. Also, the Sistersville Water System Improvements priority project is listed as two, while the Broadband priority project is listed as 12 out of those 60 projects submitted to the Mid Ohio Valley Regional Council.

There has been a Building Code Enforcement Regional Initiative Appalachian Regional Commission Grant application submitted. The ARC has agreed, if it is approved, that they will not require an intermediary. Usually another federal agency has to be the fiduciary, but in this case, the invoices will go directly to the ARC.

Dilapidated buildings have been a major concern throughout the county, and so there could be an initiative in which there is a building inspector paid for by each of the participating municipalities. The first two years will more than likely be paid through the ARC grant. The state standard code will have to be adopted by all of the cities.

The election officers for 2018 were established, and they are as follows: Barbera Vincent, President; John Hopkins, Vice President; Ron George, Secretary; Jim McMullen, Treasurer.