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Tops Ladies Make Milestone

By Staff | Jan 17, 2018

The adventure began June 16, 2017 when two TOPS #WV0542 members, Eva Springer and Nancy Higgins, ran into eachother at Paden City Park.

The two ladies wanted to lose weight and become healthy. Each morning and evening after that, no matter the weather, Springer and Higgins could be spotted in the park walking. Comments were made about the duo, such as “They are burning up the pavement!,” or “They are crazy!”

Maybe part of that was true, especially if Springer and Higgins were walking with umbrellas, in a thunderstorm.

For each 100 miles, Norma Stokes would present each lady with a certificate to mark the accomlishment.

Springer and Huggins set a goal to reach 1000 miles by the first of November. With the encouragement of fellow TOPS members, they did.

At the Wednesday, Nov. 8 meeting, Chapter Leader Louise Hinkle presented Springer and Higgins, each, with a beautiful bouquet that she made personally from walking shoes.

Springer and Higgins have lost a combined total of more than 60 pounds and are continuing with their healthy eating habits and walking.