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Middlebourne Residents Given Notices to Clean Up Properties

By Staff | Jan 17, 2018

According to Middlebourne Mayor Steve Seago, letters have been sent to some of the town’s residents, requesting that the residents’ properties be kept in accordance with municipal regulations.

Council members are concerned about animals burrowing into unkept furniture, as well as unsightly yards. Council also discussed residents who have been burning items that are not supposed to be burned – such as treated lumber and plastics. It was noted that these items should be bagged and left for garbage collection.

In regards to garbage collection, the city’s garbage collectors were given recognition for their service.

In other matters, Lowe’s is supposed to contact Mayor Seago in regards to the installation of fence where the pink building previously stood on Main Street. Seago said he is ready to complete the project.

Also, there was a second reading of an ordinance concerning Middlebourne’s library. The ordinance will limit the board of directors from seven members to five members.

Also, there will be a budgeting meeting held in Triadelphia. It was suggested City Recorder Susan Pelikan attend the meeting. Mayor Seago may also join her in attending the class. A motion passed to pay for expenses used in attending this class.

In another matter, a new door has been purchased for the city building and it will be installed soon.

The city is also waiting to receive signs to better clarify the one-way street next to Boggs’ Pizza n’ Grill. There will be a “No Entrance” sign on one end of the alley, and the “One Way” sign will be better positioned to clear up any confusion.

Shannon Long, the newest employee with the water and sewer board, has finished his probation period, and a motion passed to give a $1 per hour pay raise.