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Blind Dog Offers Unique View on Life

By Staff | Jan 10, 2018

Photos Provided Pictured are Darrell and Betty Mayfield with their blind dog, “Buster.”

Bartimeaus, otherwise known as “Buster,” is a six-month-old dog who has been recently adopted by Pastor Darrell Mayfield and his wife Betty.

In the Bible, Bartimeaus was the name of the blind man, healed by Jesus. The Mayfields felt this was an appropriate name for their blind toy poodle, who was born without eyes.

“Without eyes, Buster has to learn to trust people. That’s how we are with God. We can’t see Him, but we have to trust in Him,” said Pastor Mayfield.

Buster is a once-in-a-lifetime phenomena, being that dogs are rarely born without eyes. He is currently scheduled to have a surgical procedure, to sew the area, as to avoid infections.

Being blind, Buster relies on his other senses more; he has become very aware of people’s voices.

The Mayfields explained how Buster can recognize the sound of their grandchildren, and he shows excitement when they are around. Darrell remarked, “If you come by the house, don’t tell Buster he’s blind, because he doesn’t know.”

Buster is a very affectionate dog, and the Mayfields will take him to Hospice, local nursing homes, and some local hospitals to visit with, and cheer up, many of the patients.

Several people of the community have met Buster, and he even received a few gifts this Christmas.

The Mayfields refer to Buster as a therapy dog in-training.

“He just brings out the love in you,” said Betty.