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Paden City Seeking Council Member for Ward Three

By Staff | Jan 5, 2018

A motion passed at the Jan. 2 Paden City Council meeting to accept Mark “Rick” Casteel to the previously-vacant Ward One council seat. Meanwhile, council is still seeking a citizen to take the Ward Three spot, according to Mayor Ken Stead.

Interested persons should contact the city building.

Also, at the Jan. 2 meeting, council talked at length about the position of city recorder and whether it should remain an elected position, or become an appointed position. Part of the concern lies with the determination of deciding if the recorder should live within city limits. It was expressed that the recorder position is vital to local government, and it may be difficult to find someone in a small town that would want to accept the position. Also, if the position stays as an elected position, it can possibly create a high turnover rate, which would lead to more retraining and possible disorganization. In order to change the ordinance, the matter would have to be put up for a public vote once it has been accepted by council.

Under matters pertaining to the water department, it was mentioned that the Telemetry System at the water plant is still malfunctioning. Council is waiting to hear a response from the company contacted to work on the issue. It was recommended that the city move to pressure-reducing valves, which use less parts and would save the department money over time.

Under street issues, it was reported that the school zones, trucking routes, intersections, low-laying areas and high traffic areas will be the main locations being cindered this winter. The city will not be using salt, because city representatives believe salt will damage the asphalted areas. Cinders are to be used to provide traction in areas where it is needed most, but not all streets and alleys will receive cinders. Also, it is recommended that if residents are using their own plows to clean out driveways and charging people, they should have a business license.

Mayor Stead requested that council grant him permission to allow he, and the Maintenance Supervisor, to sign and return a questionnaire to the company that will be building the pump station, in order to update the changes and specs of the pump.

Council passed a motion to allow the city account, Abraham and Company, to do a cash-flow analysis to determine how much of a rate increase is needed at this time to keep the water account operational.

Council approved the Mid Ohio Valley Regional Council to advertise for engineering services for the water and equipment upgrade. The advertisement will be in this week’s paper and proposal will be due by Monday, Feb. 12. MOVRC will pay the advertising costs for the project.

Under the sewer department matters, it was mentioned that Contract One with Fields Engineering was completed, and the final walk-through was conducted on Dec. 19. The city is in the process of paying the final draw-down and closing the contract. Contract Two, at the plant, is starting to move along and should come online completely by Jan. 22. The issues with manufacturers and Mon Power are being worked out. Leftover funds from Contract One will be used to run a camera in the lines around S. 4th Ave. and surrounding areas. There are also plans to get bids to seal old brick manholes.

The fire department reported there were two motor vehicle accidents, one EMS call, one mutual aid and one broken gas line for the month of December.

Police Chief Bob Kendle reported business has been smooth, for the police department. The chief believes there is a transmission leak in one of the department’s vehicles, but he will research the matter further. Kendle also requested the purchase of an air compressor, so the department does not need to go to the gas station every time a tire needs filled.

Under Cars, Health, and Sanitation, council received a letter from MOVRC stating that MOVRC will offer a class to utilize people, from the different areas, to learn about nuisance building control. After completing the class, these people can be shared around the various towns to help recognize nuisances. This is not a building inspector; those certified will mainly enforce nuisance codes. Also, it was mentioned that a letter has been sent to 100 N. 3rd Ave. in regards to a rat problem.

Under Parks and Pool, council was notified a group of people want to construct a Little League Field near the parking lot. Also, the Eagles organization is wanting to build a shelter on the south end of the park, but it would be located in the flood plane, and so it may not be feasible. It was suggested that the Park and Pool get rid of its contract with Mon Power to avoid paying the monthly fee associated with the bill while the lights are not being used. It may be cheaper to pay a reconnect fee, as opposed to a monthly minimum requirement.

A motion passed to hire Rhea Ann Lloyd to balance city checkbooks while she is not working at the dispatch office. Lloyd has the background to handle the job.A motion also passed to transfer monies from the water reserve account at Wesbanco to the water fund to keep the city solvent and to ensure municipal bonds and USDA payments are covered in the checking account.

The next Paden City Council meeting is scheduled for Feb. 5 beginning at 7 p.m., located at the city building.