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Rover Pipeline Donates To First Responders

By Staff | Dec 20, 2017

Pictured is Tyler County Emergency Service Director Thomas Cooper receiving a $10,000 donation to support county first responders from Rover Pipeline Spokesperson Alexis Daniel.

Rover Pipeline Spokesperson Alexis Daniel recently presented donations to local county emergency management agencies, supporting area first responders. Daniel was present at Tyler County Emergency Management office the morning of Dec. 12. A donation of $10,000 was presented to each of the following emergency service directors – Thomas Cooper of Tyler County, Ed Sapp of Wetzel County and George Eidel of Doddridge County.

The money will be assessed by the needs of each county, but the money will be used specifically for first responders.

Of the funds, Tyler County Emergency Director Tom Cooper stated, “We have to find something that the whole county can benefit from.”

Cooper will meet with first responders to see how the funds can best benefit the county as an entity. The donation will support Fire and EMS, and possibly even the Police, since they overlap response in some areas. However there is not a specific design for the use of the money at this time.

Rover representatives also traveled to the Marshall County Emergency Office later that day to present donations to the Hancock and Marshall County emergency service directors.

“Energy Transfer and Rover Pipeline has always made a commitment to the communities that we have assets in as part of our company culture. Since the beginning of the project we have received requests for a variety of things and we started to look at how we could do a broad donation program for each county. We decided that first responders in the community were one of our biggest desires to donate to and so we started that process,” said Daniel.

Rover Pipeline will make similar donations to county emergency management agencies across the four-state route, totaling $270,000 across the 27 counties in Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

“At the end of March of 2018 we will look at other opportunities to help in a variety of ways. Rover has been donating since June of 2014 to help folks with different needs.

We will be a community partner with the communities for the longevity of the project, and we look forward to working with these guys through the journey,” said Daniel

According to a fact sheet, the Rover Pipeline project is a 713 mile pipeline designed to transport 3.25 billion cubic feet per day of domestically produced natural gas from Marcellus and Utica shale production areas to markets in the US as well as Canada.