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School Levy Renewal Vote Set for Saturday

By Staff | Dec 13, 2017

This levy election is for a 5-year renewal for day-to-day operating expenditures of the school system.

This levy is a continuation of the same levy rates that have been in effect since 1949. Since 1967, all levies have been for 5 year periods. This means NO NEW TAXES.

This levy would generate approximately $4.97 million dollars per year for the students and employees of Tyler County Schools.

This is approximately 27 percent of our total budget.

Homeowners in Tyler County pay only 14.5 percent or $1.07 million of the total local taxes, with the largest remaining share of taxes being paid by businesses and the oil and gas industry of $3.9 million.

Without the levy, Tyler County school system and students would receive ZERO ($0) benefit from the oil and gas industry expansion in Tyler County.

The money generated from this special levy is used to support a variety of programs and services for Tyler County students and employees, including the following: Field Trips, After School Activity Buses, Evening Activities Coordinators, Academic and Athletic Coaching, Free meals for all students PK-12, Professional and Service Salary Supplements, Dental and Optical Insurance, Employees in Excess of the Aid Funding Formula, Free Textbooks, Workbooks, and Instructional Supplies, Library Books, Newspapers, Periodicals, and Supplies, Technology (Computers, Equipment, and Maintenance), Maintenance of Facilities, Transportation Needs outside of the State Aid Funding Formula, Copiers, Supplies, and Maintenance

Tyler County citizens have overwhelmingly supported this Special School levy for over 68 years. The rates of passage of the levy have ranged as high as 91 percent approval.

Tyler County voters will be asked on December 16th to decide whether or not to continue the levy as it is now and continue to improve upon the education Tyler County children are now provided, or to reduce the local tax amount and as a result, reduce the educational programs and services available.

In a society where the future of all children is so dependent upon education, the question becomes, will Tyler County citizens be willing to sacrifice as they always have, to provide the proper education and resulting opportunities for their children?

It is our hopes that on December 16th that you will participate in the democratic process and vote on that day.