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Paden City Council Looks to Fill Two Vacant Seats

By Staff | Dec 13, 2017

Paden City council members gathered recently where Mayor Stead regretfully announced that there are two council seats that will need to be filled in the near future. With the passing of council member Tammy Parsons and the resigning of council member Susan Postlethwait, representatives for wards 1 and 3 will need to be appointed. Also, there will have to be some switching around of council members to fill certain boards which were occupied by Parsons and Postlethwait.

Under public comments, Denise Shultis requested that the no parking signs and painted lines be removed from in front of her house. She had previously been informed that the city would remove the signs and the painted line but it has not happened yet. The police have been threatening to ticket Shultis for parking on the street in front of her house and so she wants to resolve the problem. She also informed council that her mother on, who lives on North 2nd, has been getting sewage water in her basement after the recent road construction. City employee Josh Billiter mentioned that someone has been dumping grease into the sewage drains which has been causing the lines to back up and he is hoping that the problem will have been fixed with the removal of the grease.

Mikal Davis mentioned that he has been getting rats into his house. He stated that the rats have been coming from a dilapidated house next door. He also mentioned that the rats have chewed through the some of the drains and he is afraid that they will chew electric wires and start a fire. The man explained that with the situation of a family member, evacuating the house is no easy chore and cannot be done quickly. He stated that the rats have damaged his refrigerator and other parts of the home. He mentioned that he has placed traps and rat poison around the area but he fears that his dogs will eat the poisoned rats. Davis was informed that there are no city ordinances in place with regards to rodent control but that he may be able to settle reimbursement for damaged through a civil lawsuit. Davis stated that he does not have much expendable money to afford a lawyer for a lawsuit. The city offered to send a letter to the owner of the home informing the them of the complaints with hopes that they will correct the problem. The city would need a building inspector to enforce the building codes throughout the city, which they currently do not have.

Meadow Heights resident Miranda Corcoran informed council that the road in her neighborhood is quickly falling apart. Gravel and sections of asphalt are washing away into the catch basis and clogging it after most rains. There was a section in place to divert the water but it is no longer there. She explained that once freezing weather comes, her driveway will become a solid sheet of ice. Also the culverts and ditch lines have all filled in but the city cannot clean out the ditches due to vehicles being parked in the area. Josh Billiter suggested that council make that street a no parking street.

The city will look over over the street and surrounding area to determine what can be done to fix the situation but they cannot pave the street until the spring when the asphalt plant is in operation.

The water department reported that a water line has broken four times in a two month period in an alley near North 4th Ave. It will be replaced when the weather permits. Also, a main line near the Baptist Church will need to be replaced without destroying the new pavement. On North 8th a catch basin will need to be replaced before it becomes a safety issue. The corner of 3rd and Madison has an improper pitch and so there will be a catch basis installed on the opposite side of the street to catch the water that has been redirected. The development authority has given permission to the city to store some pipe at one of their locations to keep the pipe out of the weather.

A motion passed to change an ordinance to make Maurice Street a no parking street and so the topic will be up for a first and second reading over the course of the next two meetings before being made official.

There was an update on a meeting held with Tim Meeks of MOVRC concerning talk of a new water plant. The amount of service fees that the city has had to pay out is becoming too large and so the city is looking into upgrading the water plant to avoid so many repair and service fees. The metering system has quit roughly four times in the last month. Each service fee is approximately $1,400 – $1,500 . The updates would include new tanks, removing old piping, updating service equipment, adding meters and replacing the monitoring system. The first step is to hire and engineering company to figure out the schematics of the project, which will also cost the city money. It would then have to go through the PSD but the mayor feels that this is a “must” for the city. There is a great deal of water loss throughout Paden City and it is becoming very costly.

The sewer department reported that the final field analysis should be completed on Dec. 19 where several inspectors will go through the plant to give the city the final approval. The generator and head units are in place and there has been a good bit of work performed at the sewer plant. There is some paving in the area that will need to be fixed near the plant as well.

A motion passed to give Officer Bailes a $1.00 an hour pay raise as he has been promoted to one stripe and passed his probationary period.

A motion passed to move Aunnia Brady back to the Park and Pool Board. Brady will continue serving on the Development Authority Board however, she will be removed from the Finance Committee as to not spread her too thin with committees.

Under new business, a motion passed to contact the insurance company in regards to the flood damage that occurred to the city building in September. After contacting the insurance company the city will bid out the project for completion. The city will make sure to get concise itemized bids for the work to be done to the building to make sure that all of their bases are covered and the work is done completely.

Christmas bonuses have been approved for city workers. Full-time workers will receive $135 while part-time workers will receive $65.

Mayor Stead would like to create a committee to discuss benefits according to Ordinance 151.07 (sick leave) to better explain the usage of sick time. He feels that the ordinance doesn’t line up correctly with the employee handbook and would like to clear up the confusion.

A motion passed to remove Municipal and Street fees from 234 North 7th Avenue.

A request was made to update some of the security to the city building such as replacing the glass door with a steel door and a buzzer for better protection. Estimates will be given at a later date.

A request was made to place a speed limit or a children playing signs down North 2nd Avenue. The city will be placing the signs in the near future.

The next scheduled Paden City council meeting is scheduled for January 1, 2018 at 7:00 pm located at the city building.