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Tyler County PSD Is Moving Forward Technologically

By Staff | Nov 29, 2017

The Tyler County PSD met with representatives of Wesbanco who informed PSD members that they would e able to assist with setting up a payment process so that PSD customers could begin paying their bills with debit/credit cards. They informed the council that no personal information would need to be housed at the PSD office. The service would provide payment alerts notifying customers when a payment was due. PSD board member Ron Hoyt stated, “This may make people less likely to postpone payments”. The service would also save residents as far as gasoline usage, price of a postal stamp or even ATM fees when it comes to paying bills. The Tyler County Commissioners offered to place a link on their website so that customers would be able to pay online. The board members felt that this would be an excellent option for payment for their customers. However, the service will most likely not be available until after the first of the year. The PSD also announced that they will soon have a Facebook page available for residents to browse over.

In other news, Antero is interested in buying water from the PSD to be used for concrete work. The water must be chlorinated potable water to be used in the concrete. Antero is currently hauling water from Parkersburg and so they would be interested in a closer water source for their site located out Next Road. A two inch metered line would have to be put in and Antero requested that someone be on location to control the water valve. The PSD can only supply a certain amount of water as far as gallons per minute and was not interested in providing a person for valve control. Antero could possible use up to 50,000 gallons per day. The PSD could not supply that much water all at one but there may be a way to setup a solenoid valve to where the PSD could control the gallons per minute and the tanks could refill themselves. Therefore there wouldn’t have to be a person to watch the water valve and the PSD would have better control of the amount of water going out. All of the expenses going into the project would be covered by Antero.

It was noted that the phone lines at the PSD have been out from Nov. 5 to Nov. 20 and the contractor told the PSD that he couldn’t do the work sooner because there were no available poles. All calls had been forwarded to the manager’s cell phone so that no calls were missed but it was certainly an inconvenience. Frontier offered to give the PSD a minimum credit of $103.00 to be used towards the next bill.

The McAdams service line on route 180 has been replaced. There had to be some directional drilling done to get the job completed but everything ran smooth with very few problems.

A new pump in the drying bed vault has been ordered and delivered. The area surrounding the pump location will have to be cleaned up and some of the electrical wiring needed to be replaced but the PSD is glad to have the pump.

Precision Pipeline has been crossing some of the PSD water lines and broke several water lines. The PSD will be billing Precision for the damages but Precision has offered to furnish equipment and provide laborers to help fix the breaks. The damages were estimated at approximately $2,700.

The Christmas bonuses for PSD employees was discussed and board members agreed to pay a bonus equivalent to 60 hours of work. The PSD will be making a change in the pay period schedule and so the Christmas bonus will help to alleviate the difference in the pay period delay.

Truck radios are going to be purchased at approximately $2,500 and the PSD will be allowed to use the county towers and hopefully the same frequency. They will also install antennas for the meter reading systems.

The next scheduled PSD meeting is set for December 18 at 3:00pm located at the PSD in Friendly.