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Tyler County Planning Commission Updated on Projects

By Staff | Nov 29, 2017

The Tyler County Planning Commission met recently where they discussed some of the county pipeline projects and it was stated that Dominion has received their FERC certificate for the Supply Header Project. Pipeline construction is scheduled to begin in spring of 2018 by clearing off of the right of ways, the compression station construction will begin in winter of 2018 and the actual construction of the pipeline will begin in spring of 2019. The majority of the pipeline will be outside of the county but there is a small section going through Tyler County out Indian Creek Road.

The Route 18 South Water Project is still underway with the applications still in place and the funding that has already been approved is also in place. The USDA has already approved a $600,000 grant and we will receive a $294,800 loan. There has also been a second application submitted for fiscal year 2018 with a request of $1,066,000.

Planning Commission members John Hopkins and Eric Peters attended a meeting on the WV State Route 2 project from Proctor to Kent.

They learned that there are three possible right of ways for the road and some of the hillsides will have to be shaved down to make room for the road. There was a $30,000,000 difference between the least expansive and most expensive alternative.

The most expensive alternative would make available more developmental property but the final decision lies with the Department of Highways to determine which alternative is most practical of the three. The existing Route 2 could be abandoned or even used as a service road. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2020.

The Planning Commission re-appointed council members John Hopkins and Terry Wiley until Dec. 31, 2020. The commission also appointed new members Scott Northcraft and Brandon Chaddock until Dec. 31, 2020.

In October the Regional Council discussed the dilapidated buildings situation in Tyler County and they applied for an Appalachian Regional Commission grant with the intent of hiring a building inspector/code enforcement officer. The inspector would be shared over eight separate counties but it would alleviate the pressure of municipalities to fund the inspector for the initial year. It was suggested to look into a firm that could contract out an inspector as opposed to hiring an individual outright. There will be another meeting in February to further look into the situation.

The December Planning Commission meeting will be canceled and so the next meeting is scheduled for January 18, 2018 located at the Tyler County Courthouse in Middlebourne beginning at 7 pm.